How to fade music in imovie

How to fade music in imovie

Fading music in some particular music players could be fun. On “how to fade music in iMovie” page you are going to know something essential regarding fading music.

The majority times our music (those we want to have in the background) length seems longer than a video. In starting, this music adjustment in a video was a headache but now, thanks to the technology that has sorted this problem for all editors.

Introduction of imovie (It’s all about iMusic):

Today I am going to share an amazing method through you may manage all music fading easily. Yes, I am about the iMusic music manager tool that works for various devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and Android phones.

Imovie is the most innovative music tool that offers you proper ease for downloading music. By using this tool you may quickly download unlimited tracks from 3k multiple music sites and add these tracks in playlists.

You may also transfer your favorite music and can record any of your desired audio by this tool. Additionally, iMusic gives you chance for cleaning and fixing your music library. Now, you can remove duplicate/broken music tracks in iMusic and can have IQ, Bd tags and ID3 tags on behalf.

How to fade music in imovie:

iMusic is able to make a music track fade at a specific time. All this music fading activity does at a dragging point (fade dot) available at the left. It is all as per on a user that is the iMusic special background music track whether he wants to add music of an individual clip of his timeline.

Rather than all this, imusic is considerable to fade in and it does other volume change with full versatility. The majority time people want to do an audio engineer but they have not any special tool to do all music changes.

Anyways for music fading, we don’t have to be a sound designer or audio engineer. Now iMusic will do all these tasks within a certain time. For making a song wondering to listen and making all movie transitions unified is now very simple.

This magical audio tool can adjust punches and kicks in key moments also. Well, without letting you windbag let us have something new about iMusic. Next, you are going to know;

When music should be fade:

Fade music is standardly known as audio transitions and we have fundamental types of fades including (fade-in and fade-out.) In fade-in quality, a track starts with silence and later it increases the volume.  Dissimilarly in fade-out quality, a music track starts with high volume and then goes in silence mode.

Both of these music fading features are highly advanced and recommended for both an intro/ending video clip.

Often video production companies use iMusic for different purposes and create interesting videos with different sounds. It would be a portable ability when you want to transit two different pieces of music.

Though this transition you may change a scene with extreme sound quality. For further info you have to go below for;

How to fade music in iMusic:

After reviewing iMusic completely it turns to know something more about the usage of iMusic. Here we have given some essential steps for “fading music in iMusic.” I am quite sure that in the end, you will be able to fade your determined audio tracks.


  • At first, you have to import an audio/video files slowly onto “MY MEDIA” dock or you can press FILEà
  • Next please enable SETTINGS and checkout SHOW WAVEFORMS to proceed.
  • Once you complete waveforms then you may add an AUDIO-IN EFFECT to a video. Make sure all this procedure should be done by fade handles. These handles are not easy to point and look tiny white/grey circles on an audio band.
  • Now, it is all your qualities that how can you drag these circles and fade music. Longer fading seems less artificial and natural often. Don’t forget that it all depends on sound effect that you are going to fade.



I know that you know your project well!

  • Let the fading complete then you have check all that changing must. For this, you can play again a video for checking both fade-in and fade-out effects. Are these working well or not? By having any satisfaction you may continue iterate until you reach on your flavor.
  • At last hope, you have done all the fading and have made an amazing video with unexceptional sound fading. Now it is time to save and export your video to your FILE MANAGER.

Bottom lines:

After long research finally I have brought something especially for you that can help you out for fade music. Even I have made a lot of videos with proper sound effecting by imusic. Above you may have a simple method to use imusic for musing fading in “How to fade music in imovie.” In any kind of confusion, you have to reread this article.

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