How to Find Friends on Spotify – Best Guide

For knowing the two most interesting facts of Spotify every user should read “How to find friends on Spotify.” This page will clear their concept more!

Undoubtedly Spotify is an online app that gives you an easy excess for listing billions of tracks free. This app is being famous day by day and people are getting familiar with it due to its credit free feature.

It is concluded that Spotify is a devoting tool that offers you to connect with your friends. Yes, now you can share your favorite tracks on Spotify with anyone else. With the help of its follow screen, you get a lot of friend suggestions as multiple users to follow.


find friends on spotify


Wonder! If you are at new at Spotify and want to find someone individually here, then it would be quite complicated maybe. Anyways don’t worry please! never leaves you alone in any kind of problematic situation. Let us give you a little help for this purpose.

How to find friends on Spotify (complete guide):

At first, open up your Spotify account and enter a particular “Spotify username” in the search box that you want to search for. There is a trick in the name writing like, if you want to search for john then you have to type “Spotify:user: john.”

Make sure individual Spotify search is absolutely not easy it requires your sharp memory. If you don’t know the complete Spotify username then this search will be useless for you. The main controversial part of this tool is that (its display and usernames are not similar so; that it may confuse you.)

For instance, when a person signup Spotify from Facebook, then the Spotify username will be automatically generated with the numbers of strings. Seems you are not getting my point! Don’t worry here I am going to give you a complete example.

  1. Look at the top right corner of your Spotify interface screen and see your own username. Simply click it and select “Account” from the opening drop-down menu. Next, a web browser menu will open up with all your account subscriptions and settings.
  2. Here your Spotify username is available at the bellow of your real name. Well, it may seem like a complex method to find anyone else’s username on Spotify.

Don’t worry anyways! Sometimes seeking gives us some great results.

How to find friend’s activity on Spotify?

Friends are always valuable for all. We always want to be connected with our friends on social media and in real lives. Well, congratulations to all Spotify users! Now you all are free to see your friend’s activity here. Let me explain shortly to all desktop users.


If you really want to feast your sight on your Spotify friend’s music then yes you can. You can see all your friend activity in which you may know what he/she actually listen here. Your Spotify friend may include all your real friends, public profiles, and the brands that you follow.

  • Spotify gives us a chance to open and close a friend’s activity.
  • At first look at the top right corner of your page and tap SETTINGS. Now you have all the display options here.
  • Switch to show friend activity (ON as green and OFF as gray).



Once you have done then from that moment you can see your entire friend’s activity easily. Keep in mind that for this purpose your Spotify desktop screen should be 1190 pixels wider anyhow. Otherwise, it will not work. That’s all on “How to find friends on Spotify.”

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