How to Find Genshin Screenshots Pc

To find your Genshin Impact screenshots on PC, you will need to: 1. Open the game client and click “Settings” 2. Click “General” and scroll down to the “Screenshot Folder” section

  • Launch the game and open the settings menu
  • Navigate to the “Graphics” tab
  • Locate the “Screenshot Folder” setting and note down the directory path listed next to it
  • Close the game and open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS)
  • Paste the directory path into the address bar and press enter/return
  • All of your Genshin Impact screenshots will be saved here as
  • png files!

How to Take a Photo and Where to Find Screenshots PC Tutorial | Genshin Impact

Q: How Can I Find My Genshin Impact Screenshots on Pc

When you take a screenshot in Genshin Impact, it is automatically saved as a PNG file to the “Screenshots” folder in your Documents. The game does not offer any options or settings to change where screenshots are saved. To find your Genshin Impact screenshots on PC, simply open up File Explorer and go to your “Documents” folder.

Inside, you should see a folder called “Screenshots” – this is where all of your Genshin Impact screenshots are saved. If you cannot find the Screenshots folder, it may be hidden – to show hidden folders, click on the View tab at the top of File Explorer and check the box next to “Hidden items”.

This Will Open a Folder Called “Genshin Impact” in Your Documents Folder, And Your Screenshots Will Be Saved There

When you take a screenshot in Genshin Impact, it will be automatically saved in a folder called “Genshin Impact” in your Documents folder. You can access this folder by going to your Documents folder and opening the “Genshin Impact” folder. Your screenshots will be saved as .png files, and you can view them in any image viewer.

This Pc>Local Disk(C:)>Program Files>Genshin ImpactScreenshot

This is the file path for where Genshin Impact saves screenshots on a PC. The first part, “This PC,” refers to the top level of your computer’s directory. “Local Disk (C:)” is your main hard drive, and “Program Files” is where most programs are installed.

“Genshin Impact” is the game’s folder, and inside of that is the “Genshin Impact Game” folder, which contains all of the game’s files. The final part, “Screenshot,” is the actual folder that contains your screenshots.


Genshin Impact is a game that allows players to take screenshots of their characters and gameplay. In order to find these screenshots, players can use the search function in their photo gallery app or simply go through their photo album. To save a screenshot, players can either use the in-game menu or press the “Share” button on their controller.