How To Find Printer IP Address?

Best Tips on How To Find Printer IP Address For Beginners

Do you remember when was the last time you pressed the print command on your office PC? Well, many of the users are unaware how to find printer ip address. So, it is tough for them to make the command. They try to skip printing.

And the troubles are more when you use a networked printer. Usually, offices apply this process of networking. It helps everyone to have their printed documents. But without the right know-how, you can’t have yours.

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I can bet, you will love this article. Because it deals with the ways to find the IP address. Finally, you can print all the necessary documents. And you need not run after the IT guy of your office.

So, let’s check the topic below.

Networked printing

This is the process that allows a group of people to use a single printer. This is, in fact, a process of bringing peace into productivity. Also, it reduces additional costs for the company.

Therefore, a good number of offices adopt this measure. Using two or three printers, it is possible to cover the entire office.

Anyone – with valid permission – can print all the necessary documents.

However, you need to know some technical issues to make it happen. Otherwise, it may not be possible to make the printings. There is a 12-digit IP address for the printer. Without having the address, you cannot configure it with your computer.

How to find printer IP address?

If you are a newbie, it might be troublesome for you. To find the printer and its ip address. You need to go through several processes.

Not to worry. Here you will get the ways to deal with the challenge!

Check the computer

The very first thing is checking your computer. If the computer is attached to the network used by the printer. Also, you can check any other computers for the same purpose.

Usually, the networked computers have the ip address of the printer.

So, to find the ip address, follow the steps below.

For the windows users

  • Go to the Start menu
  • Then go to the Control Panel
  • Find the Printer and Faxes option.

You will see the printer icon there. And then right-click on the printer icon. Click on the Properties function. It will display you the printer’s IP address.

Easy, isn’t it?

For Mac users

If you are a Mac user, the process would be different from the windows operating system. You have to follow the steps below.

System Preference

The first thing is to open your System Preference. Then find the Printers and Scanners icon. Click on it.

You will see several options. Select the printer. You may find it on your left.

Then you will get the ip address (usually a 12-digit number).

It’s simple too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t find the IP address?

Well, this is not a big deal. You may not be able to print documents. Nothing more will happen with it. But you can easily solve the issues. Follow the steps mentioned above. Or, take support from IT officials of your office.

What is a printer’s IP address?

The IP address is a set of numbers that connects the printer with the network. Unless you have a matched IP address, the printer won’t follow your command.

How to find printer IP address from printer menu? 

There are several steps for this purpose. Follow the guidelines:

– Press the home button of the printer

– then navigate among the options

– select preference

– go to options

– or you may check the Wireless Settings as well (if the options are unavailable)

–  the IP address is on the top, get it.

Hopefully, you have got the precise ideas. This is a handy process if you have the right knowledge. Unfortunately, many of the users lack the skill. So, they have to look for external support.

But from now onwards, you can easily solve the matter of printing at the office.

So, that was all for today on how to find a printer IP address. Keep sharing the post on your social platform. Also, you can use the comment box below to share your thoughts.


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