How to Fix Bluetooth Address Unavailable?

Undoubtedly, using Bluetooth is of great use to the android and iPhone users. In fact, the technology helps the users to get lots of advantages.

But at times, Bluetooth may not be available. You will not get the Bluetooth address. So do you know how to fix the Bluetooth address unavailable?

Certainly, Bluetooth consumes less power and does not interfere with other devices.

However, if you lack the idea to use it, you are unable to enjoy the benefits.

This post will explain the process elaborately. Keep patience and go through the post. Probably, you will have the right ideas about the matter.

Let’s start exploring.

What is Bluetooth?

In brief, Bluetooth is a wireless technology. But it works in a short range. Mostly, the technology is used for exchanging data.

Mobile phones, nowadays, use the technology to send or receive data. In fact, you need Bluetooth in mobile phones to activate certain services. So, the smartphone manufacturers are applying the technology in their devices.

Basically, this is the alternative to a wired connection at a short distance. And most importantly, the devices are portable. For instance, you can use a wireless headphone that runs on Bluetooth technology.

Consequently, the popularity of the technology is on the rise.

How to Fix Bluetooth Address Unavailable?

You want to pair something with your phone. The Bluetooth on the other part is activated, but you cannot find the one on your phone.

Well. This is a common issue. And you need no worries about it. There might be some technical glitches. Or the Bluetooth receiver may also be damaged somehow. But if there is a technical glitch, you need to follow the steps below to get rid of the issue.

Step 1

Go to Settings on your phone. It is the first step. You need to visit the Settings option of your phone. From there, go to the System option.

Step 2

Next, you have to go to the About Phone option and then About Device which will show you the Status.

Step 3

Now, keep scrolling. On the lower part of the Status section, you will get the Bluetooth address. You will get a list of information and it will be there.

You are done. Here, you have the Bluetooth address of your device. You can use it to share, receive or transmit data from your phone.

Want Some More Tips?  

We have already mentioned what you need to know.

However, at times, you are in some other trouble regarding your phone’s Bluetooth. So, in this section, we will discuss some contemporary issues that you must know. Please keep reading.

Resetting Bluetooth

Oftentimes, Bluetooth malfunctions. It happens for several reasons. The most important factor is the overloaded cache. So, a simple resetting can remove the glitch and help your device work smoothly.

The Process    

  • Check the Settings of the phone. Then go to the Apps section.
  • From there, select the Bluetooth option. From there, go to the Select Storage option. Now, clear the cache. Tap on the Clear Cache option.
  • And then, restart the device. Hopefully, your Bluetooth will be reset. You can use the feature for all of your needs.

Why Your Phone is not Connected to Bluetooth?

Well. There are several reasons behind the failure of connecting Bluetooth to your phone. The first thing is the range. So, you need to be in close proximity to get the Bluetooth.

Besides, you need to pair the devices to get the connection. If the pairing is incomplete, the other devices may not get connected. In such cases, you need to reset both devices. Better, you can renew the connection by forgetting them.

Bluetooth Pairing Issues

Despite resetting or reconnecting, the devices may not connect to each other. It may happen when one of the devices is damaged or not responding.

So, you need to inform the matter to the seller or the phone brand authority. Also, you need to consult a phone repair shop if your phone is out of the service coverage period.

But before that, you must conduct a primary test to know if the device sensor is damaged or not.

  • Conduct the basics. Turn the Bluetooth off and on. Check the pairing – if the device is getting connected with any other device.
  • Check pairing options – if it shows a signal to other devices.
  • Clear the cache.

However, if none of the options are of help, your Bluetooth sensor might be not functional. Or, there is any hardware issue? As a result, it is not pairing with other devices.

So, you may need a replacement of the sensor. But you cannot do that yourself. Take it to the service provider or any repair shop. Tell them your problem and they will fix it.

Last Words

So, it was all about how to fix the Bluetooth address unavailable. The post tries to cover almost all the potential aspects related to Bluetooth. And it would be of your help.

But you may still be in trouble and may not find the way out. Not to worry. We are there. Write us a couple of lines about your issues. Our experts will get you back as fast as possible and of course with the solutions.

Thank you so much for reading the post. If you want, you can share it without a second thought.

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