How to Fix Upside Down Computer Screen?

Did you ever experience your computer screen is turned upside down? If not – you are lucky. But if the answer is affirmative, I can realize how it feels.

However, if you know how to fix upside down computer screen, it’s not a big deal.

Otherwise, you have to turn your head, as I did when it happened to me. I, in fact, had no idea that how it happened. And also, I lack the know-how to fix the issue.

How to Fix Upside Down Computer Screen

Therefore, I was in hot water. But a small tip from an expert solves the matter. Instantly. Considering the ground, I am sharing the fact today. Hopefully, it will inject some knowledge into your existing knowledge-realm.

So, let’s explore the matter below.

What is Screen Upside Down?

Before you learn how to fix upside down computer screen, do you know what it is?

How to Fix Upside Down Computer Screen

It is a very simple malfunction of your computer screen. In Windows operating system, this is a common issue. The screen may be flipped. Or it will look upside down. Also, the screen may take a left or right rotation.

You have to see the screen rotating your head in the direction. For many users, this is truly a troublesome issue.

How to Fix Upside Down Computer Screen?

Not to panic. The solution is here to bring the screen on track.

It’s a simple process to fix it. You need to press a couple of hotkeys to restore the original position.

The hotkeys


You have to press “CTRl” + “ALT” + “ARROW” together to fix it.

But remember, you need to press the “ARROW” keys based on your screen direction. Pressing the right “ARROW” key will take the right rotation. If you press the left “ARROW” key, it will take a left direction.

Thus, you need to press it according to your needs. Press until you get the exact rotation of your screen.

Bonus Tip

At times, you may not perform the function. When the hotkeys are disabled, it may not be possible to adjust the screen rotation. So, you may need to enable the hotkey functions.

Simply, right-click on your desktop area (on any empty space). Now, go to the “Graphics Options.”

How to Fix Upside Down Computer Screen

You will find an option named “Hot Keys.” Enable it. Now, the hotkeys will function properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the computer screen rotate?

A computer screen may rotate or flip for several reasons. First of all, it may happen for pressing keyboards unnecessarily. When the hotkeys are enabled, you may witness the rotation. For pressing the keys unintentionally, it may take place.

Besides, it may also happen for wrong display settings.

Further, the screen may rotate if the display or other drivers do not have the latest version. In that case, you have to update all of them.

How long it takes to fix it?

Well. It takes only a couple of seconds. You need to press the hotkeys. According to needs, you have to change the orientation.

I do not know how to fix upside down computer screen. Do I need any special expertise to do fix it?

  1. You do not need any special technical or other expertise. It is a simple issue. Anyone without any special expertise or advanced IT knowledge can do it.

Follow the instruction of this post. And check the amazing results.

So, this was all about how to fix upside down computer screen. You have now sufficient ideas about the matter. And make changes to your computer screen. Help others, too.


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