How to Get Platinum Coins Nintendo

To get Platinum coins in Nintendo, you have to purchase them with real money. You can do this by going to the Nintendo eShop and selecting “Add Funds.” From there, you will select how much money you want to spend and then confirm your purchase.

The funds will be added to your account immediately, and you can use them to buy Platinum coins.

  • Go to the official Nintendo website and create an account
  • Once you have logged in, go to the “Shop” section and select the “Coins” tab
  • Choose how many Platinum Coins you would like to purchase and add them to your cart
  • Proceed to checkout and complete your purchase using a credit or debit card
  • The Platinum Coins will be added to your account balance immediately after successful payment

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What are Platinum Coins for Nintendo?

In 2006, Nintendo released a series of special edition Pokémon-themed Platinum Coins. These coins were minted in limited quantities and distributed through various means, such as winning contests or purchasing certain products. The obverse of the coin featured the silhouettes of the three Legendary Birds from the original Pokémon games – Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres – while the reverse displayed the Platina logo against a backdrop of stars.

The Platinum Coins were initially released in North America and Japan, with European release following shortly thereafter. Each region had its own specific distribution methods and quantities; for example, in Japan some coins were given away as prizes in CoroCoro Comic magazine, while others were available through purchase of select merchandise at Pokémon Center stores. In North America, some coins could be obtained by pre-ordering tickets to see The Rise of Darkrai movie, while others were included with the purchase of specially marked packages of Kellogg’s Poké Ball cereal.

Despite their wide release, Platinum Coins remain relatively rare due to their limited production runs. As such, they are highly coveted by collectors and can fetch high prices on the secondary market.

How Do You Claim Platinum Points on a Switch?

Assuming you’re talking about Nintendo Switch Online’s paid membership service, here’s how to claim your Platinum Points: 1. Go to the official Nintendo website and log in to your account. 2. Click on the “MyNintendo” tab at the top of the page.

3. Select “Earn Points / Redeem Points.” 4. Find the section labeled “Platinum Points” and click “Learn More.” 5. Follow the instructions on that page to link your Nintendo account to your Nintendo Switch Online membership.

6. Once you’ve linked your accounts, any Platinum Points you earn will automatically be added to your total balance.

How to Get Nintendo Coins for Free?

If you’re wondering how to get Nintendo coins for free, there are a few ways. One way is to look for online surveys that offer rewards in Nintendo coins. Another way is to participate in special promotions or contests that occasionally give out free coins as prizes.

Finally, some websites may also offer free coin giveaways from time to time. Keep your eyes peeled and you may just find a way to snag some free coins!

How Do You Get 300 Nintendo Points?

If you want to get your hands on 300 Nintendo points, there are a few different ways that you can go about it. One option is to purchase them directly from Nintendo. You can do this either through the company’s website or by using a prepaid point card from a retailer.

Another way to get Nintendo points is by redeeming codes that come with certain physical games or other products. These codes can typically be found on the back of game manuals or on cards included in retail packaging. Once you’ve redeemed a code, the specified number of points will be added to your account balance.

Finally, you can also earn Nintendo points by participating in certain promotions or activities organized by the company. For example, they may occasionally run contests where winners receive a certain amount ofpoints that can be used toward digital content purchases.

My Nintendo

My Nintendo is a loyalty program that offers rewards to users who purchase and play Nintendo games. The program was launched in March of 2016, and since then has been offering a variety of different rewards to members. These rewards can be redeemed for digital goods or physical merchandise, and can be used to purchase games or other items from the Nintendo eShop.

The My Nintendo program is free to join, and anyone with a Nintendo account can sign up. To earn points, players must simply link their Nintendo account to their compatible game console and play any supported titles. For every coin earned in-game, players will receive one point that can be redeemed for select rewards.

Additionally, certain activities on the official MyNintendo website can also net users some bonus points. So far, the My Nintendo loyalty program has been well received by the gaming community. Many appreciate the fact that they can finally get some tangible benefits for playing their favorite games.

And with more and more Switch titles making use of coins, it seems likely that the number of active participants will only continue to grow in the future!


In order to get Platinum Coins in Nintendo, players must complete various tasks and challenges. These can be found by speaking to villagers, completing quests, or opening up certain areas in the game. Once the player has collected enough coins, they can then trade them in for different items at the Platinum Shop.