How to Jump Through A Window in PUBG

Want to know how to jump through a window in PUBG? In the early days of Player Unknown’s Battleground, crouch jump is the only mechanic for getting through obstacles such as windows.

Later, vaulting was introduced into the game and has officially replaced the crouch jump maneuver.

How to Jump Through A Window in PUBG?

how to jump through a window inPUBG

The introduction of vaulting, however, doesn’t mean you can’t crouch jump anymore. In fact, there is a new workaround for “crouching” through a window in PUBG. In this article, I’ll cover two ways of crashing through a window in Player Unknown’s Battleground.

First, let’s consider the more recent maneuvering technique called vaulting.

Vault Through a Window:

  1. Run towards the window using W – the forward movement key.
  2. When you’re close enough to the window, press the space bar while holding the W key.

Pretty simple, right?

Now, if a window is on the bottom floor of a building, use the action steps below to vault a little bit faster.

  • Hold down Shift and W before pressing the Space bar when you are within touching distance of the window. This will help your character to burst through the window much faster than when you are static.

As a side note: Vaulting is a maneuvering technique you can employ to scale through obstacles such as fences and ledges as well as move around maps. Its speed, however, depends on the height of the window or obstacle. For example, jumping through a small ledge will be faster than a high object.

Crouch Jump Through a Window:

The second method that enables you to burst through a window is crouch jump. This was the first and only mechanic before vaulting was introduced. Though crouch jump seems to have been forgotten by many PUBG players, it’s still working pretty well.

First, you need to separate the crouch key from the vault keys. This prevents both keys from interfering with each other.

To set a dedicated key for crouch, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to System Menu>Settings.
  2. Switch to the Control
  3. Find the Jump Only option below and set a dedicated key for it.

After assigning a specific key, you can now crouch jump by performing the actions steps below when you’re within touching distance of the window.

  • Sprint, Jump Only, Crouch, and Keep moving forward.

Vaulting vs. Crouch Jump:

Both are maneuvers you can employ to get past obstacles, especially for bursting through windows. Crouch jump is the first maneuver technique, while vaulting was introduced as part of subsequent updates.

In terms of mastery, crouch jump requires a couple of practice as it’s a little bit hard to master. On the other hand, vaulting through a window is easy to execute smoothly. It’s no wonder vaulting is favored over crouch jump by many PUBG players.

In terms of combat readiness, crouch jump ensures your weapon gets available sooner. This is different in vaulting as your character will have to put their weapon aside, especially when scaling through high objects.

However, there’s no significant difference in speed. But compared to vaulting, crouch jump still lets you land a little bit further while jumping through a window.

The Bottom Line:

Vaulting and crouch jump are excellent skills that allow you to get through obstacles. Test both techniques and adopt what works best for you.

I hope this article has helped you see ways to jump through windows in PUBG.  Don’t forget to share this post with fellow PUBG players.

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