How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming?

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Laptop Cool While Gaming


But all your attempts will in vain if you find your laptop become too hot during the gaming sessions. Don’t worry some precautions will help you to remain your laptop cool and don’t insist you shut it down.

How to keep laptop cool while gaming?

In this article, we bring some hacks on how to keep laptop cool while gaming. Let’s see what lies in the following.

Ensure proper place:

Generally, it will be good to place your laptop on a flat and solid surface when you are in your gaming session. If you keep it on the soft surface, for example, bed or lap then it will block the airflow and retard its cooling system.

However, on the hard surface, the laptop will find a sufficient gap because its rubber feet uplift slightly to ensure its cooling function.  

But when you face difficulty to ensure a convenient solid surface for your laptop placement, then the following steps will help your little bit.

  • Try to keep it on your lap in a way so that the fan part will remain to unblock.
  • You can take help from a box, book, or any solid objects that help to uplift the laptop.


Though the laptop’s fan constantly rotating to ensure airflow, so, the dust naturally comes to the laptop without any barrier. You have no option to prevent it from build-up dust inside rather you can clean it every three to six months.

It is not a hard job to do rather following steps will help to do easily.

  • First of all, buy a can of compressed air to clean from outside air pressure.
  • To start the cleaning you need to ensure the laptop is shut off and if you just turn off then take time to cool down the laptop.
  • Now, hold your laptop in that way so that the fan grilles expose on the bottom.
  •  Afterward, your need to bring the can and pointing to the grille then spray. Most importantly, make sure the can position like the upright position unless the liquid air may come out and that may damage the hardware.
  • In the cleaning session, you need to move and tilt your laptop around to ensure all dust comes out.

Adding additional fan:

If you are a die-hard gamer, then your laptop’s existing fan will not sufficient enough to provide a long time service. In this case, you have to rely on the additional cooling devices like laptop coolers, or cooling pad.

This external part does not charge a lot, rather it is relatively inexpensive. This will be a great companion on the gaming session to keep your laptop cool.

That’s why it becomes an indispensable part today when we talk about the gaming laptop. Try to use a cooling pad with 4 to 5 cooling fans if you wish to finish the COD: Modern welfare 2 in one sitting.

The installing process is not hard enough– all you need to place the laptop on it and plugin on any USB port on the laptop.

Less Overload on Hardware Components:

When you play a game try to make sure the graphics resolution is set on the required basis. It is known as the perfect way to avoid external GPU’s use. We mention this because playing modern games on the low-end GPU or CPU will overheat the laptop. 

Another excellent habit you can grow up is run the laptop at power-saving mode. It will help you to avoid consuming high power so, your laptop will remain cool for a long period.

Change your power settings:

The power setting can influence the laptop’s overheating. We recommended you to try this formula in keeping your laptop cool during gaming. 

  • At first, press the Windows Key + S =>  type power.
  • From here select the Power & sleep settings from the results.
  • Now go to the Related settings => click Additional power settings.
  • You will see the  Power Options window and locate your currently selected power plan => click the Change plan settings.
  • Now click on Change advanced power settings then expand the Processor power management section => set the Maximum processor state to a lower value and click Apply then Ok.



To make you clear — if the current set value is to 100, then lower it like 95 or any low figure and do the same for Minimum processor state.

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