How to Keep Your Screen From Turning Off Android?

How to Keep Your Screen From Turning Off Android – 3 Easy Steps For Beginners:

So, you want to know how to keep your screen from turning off android, right?

Well. This is not a special issue. Unless you are less experienced with android. If you want to switch from iOS or other platforms, initially it might be an issue. But believe me, it’s that simple!

Many of you may want your mobile phone should stay awake all the time. Unless you lock it. You might be in love with the wallpaper photo. So, you want that to be visible all the time.

No worries!!

This post will help you get the right information. After going through it, you will be in control of the android display.

How to Keep Your Screen From Turning Off Android?

Turning Off Android

The matter is simple. You need to increase the display timeout. Usually, most of the Android devices are set in 10 to 15 seconds for the timeout. And this is a default format.

If the device remains idle, it will go into sleep mode. You won’t be able to see the screen. Rather, you have to push any button or key to wake it up.

The Way

You need to follow the steps below to know how to keep your screen from turning off android.

Step 1

Open the Settings

This is the first step. You have to open the “Settings” function of your android device. The “Settings” icon is similar on all the devices. It looks like gear.

Step 2

Find the “Display”

Next, you are to find the “Display.” This function is available inside the “Settings” function. Not to worry. The function is named “Display” in all the devices.

Step 3

Set the timer

Now, you set the time when you want your device to sleep. Usually, there are time differences for up to 10 minutes. But the advanced Android devices can allow you up to 30 minutes too.

It entirely depends on your choice. You can set the time following your needs. Or the one that suits you the best.

You are done!!

Small note: Please remember, if you press the power button/ or the lock button, your device will start sleeping.

Are there any disadvantages?

Remember, nothing in the world has merits alone. You will find some disadvantages all the time. Similarly, this process has also some disadvantages.

Why I’m telling you?

Because I do not want you to fall into trouble in the future. If your display is not sleeping, your android device is exposed. It won’t be locked. So, there are some security threats.

Anyone can check the device. Steal information or images. Or may cause any damage to your privacy.

At the same time, keeping the display on will consume batteries as well. As a result, you are to charge the device frequently. Many Android users skip this function to save batteries.

If you are okay with the demerits, you can follow the procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an iOS device. Can I do this?

Ans: Sure, you can control the turning off of your display. And the process is almost similar to android. Find out the “Display” and follow the remaining instructions of this post.

Is brightness an issue to control the screen turning?

No, not at all. Brightness is a completely different issue. It has nothing to do with the screen turning off.

My battery is draining. What can I do?

At first, you need to check the battery charging cycle. A proper charging cycle helps to prevent battery draining. Or, you need to contact the manufacturer.

Can I access my device when it is in sleep mode?

Of course, you can access your Android device. But you need to open the lock or other security functions. When the screen is sleep, the device is locked by default.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. Can I avail of this feature?

Surely you can have it. Follow the steps mentioned in the article. And share your thoughts once you are done with the job.

So, now you know how to keep your screen from turning off Android. Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Use the comment box below to share your thoughts.