How to Link Nintendo Network ID To Switch?

Do you want to know about the “How to link Nintendo Network id to switch” this topic, In this post, I will try to give a clear idea about linking Nintendo Network Id to switch.

How to Link Nintendo Network ID to Switch?

The Wii U and 3Ds require Nintendo Network ID (NNID) to use eShop, play multiplayer, and enjoy other system-wide interactions. For Switch consoles, the primary way to make purchases, find friends, and earn points is through a Nintendo account.

So I guess you have a Wii U or a 3Ds and would like to link both your NNID and Switch’s Nintendo account together. Connecting your Network Id to Switch will not only help combine all benefits in one place but also enables you to merge your eShop funds.

This tutorial shows you how to link Nintendo network id to switch. Read on for the step-by-step process.


  • Your Nintendo account email and password.
  • Your Nintendo Network ID (NNID).

Connect Nintendo network id to switch:

Step 1:

Head over to from a web browser.

Step 2:

Login with your account information (email and password) associated with your Nintendo account.

Step 3:

After you’ve signed in, select “User info.” Depending on the device through which you’re accessing the website, the “User info” should be around or next to your avatar.

Step 4:

Scroll down and click “Edit” next to Linked accounts.

Step 5:

Tick the box to the left of the “Nintendo Network Account.” The system will prompt you to enter the user name and password associated with your NNID. Do that, and that’s all.

And one more thing:

Go over to the eShop on your Switch to merge your funds using the same account.

Hope this guide helps you in linking Nintendo network id to switch, if you’ve any questions, reach out through the comment section below.

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