How to Live Stream on Facebook With Multiple Cameras

Before you start, make sure you have a Facebook Page for your business or brand. If you don’t have one yet, create one now. To live stream on Facebook with multiple cameras:

1. Connect each camera to a computer using an HDMI cable.

2. Open the live streaming software of your choice on each computer (we recommend OBS).

3. In OBS, add a new ‘scene’ for each camera view by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the ‘Scenes‘ section.

4. For each scene, select the corresponding camera and audio input source from the ‘Sources‘ list.

5) Adjust the positioning of each scene as desired, then click ‘Start Streaming‘ in OBS to begin your broadcast!

  • Choose the Facebook page you want to stream to
  • Connect your cameras to your computer
  • Download and install Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) on your computer
  • Launch OBS and create a new scene
  • Add your cameras as video sources in OBS by clicking the “+” button under the “Sources” panel and selecting “Video Capture Device
  • Configure your settings in OBS, including choosing which camera angle you want to show as your main view, before starting your live stream
  • To start streaming, click the “Start Streaming” button at the bottom of the OBS interface

Can I Do a Facebook Live With Multiple Cameras?

Yes, you can do a Facebook Live with multiple cameras! There are a few different ways to set this up, depending on what equipment you have available. If you have two phones or tablets, you can use the built-in camera app on each device to stream from two different angles.

Just start a live video on one device, then tap the “Share” button and select the other device as the destination. The second device will need to be logged into Facebook and have the video open in the app before you can share it. You can also use an external camera connected to your computer via USB.

Many digital cameras have this feature, and there are also specialty cameras made specifically for streaming (like the Mevo Camera). To set this up, just download the Facebook Live Producer software and follow the instructions for setting up an external camera source. Finally, if you’re really looking to step things up, you can use professional-grade video production gear to create a multi-camera live stream.

This requires more of an investment upfront but gives you much more control over audio and video quality, as well as giving you the ability to switch between multiple angles during the broadcast. If this is something you’re interested in pursuing, check out this guide from Facebook on how to get started.

How Do You Do Multiple Participants on Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience in real-time. You can use it to share news, and announcements, launch products, or just have a conversation. And with the recent updates, you can now add multiple participants to your live broadcast!

Here’s how: To add someone as a participant during your broadcast:

1. Tap the screen to bring up the controls.

2. Tap Add Guest and enter the person’s name or Facebook username.

3. The person will then get a notification that they’ve been added as a guest and can choose to join the broadcast.

4. Once they join, their video will appear in a small window next to yours.

5. You can remove them at any time by tapping their video and selecting Remove Guest.

Can You Switch between Front And Back Cameras on Facebook Live?

Yes, you can switch between front and back cameras on Facebook Live. To do so, tap the switch camera button in the bottom right corner of the screen while live broadcasting.

Multi-Camera Live Streaming Software Free

Are you looking for a multi-camera live streaming software that is both free and easy to use? Look no further! Here are 5 great options that will allow you to stream multiple cameras with ease.

1. OBS Studio: OBS Studio is a popular open-source tool that allows you to easily record and live stream from multiple cameras. It supports all major platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux, and comes with a variety of features such as scene transitions, real-time video effects, and much more.

2. Wirecast: Wirecast is a professional live streaming tool from Telestream. It offers many features not found in other tools such as the ability to create virtual sets, green screen support, social media integration, and more.

While it is not free, it does offer a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.

3. vMix: Another great option for those looking for professional quality live streaming tools is vMix.

It supports up to 4K resolution and 60fps recording/streaming, making it perfect for high-resolution gaming or other demanding applications. Like Wirecast, it is not free but does offer a free trial period so you can test it out before purchasing a license.


Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience in real-time. But what if you want to use multiple cameras to add more production value to your live stream? Here’s how you can do it.

First, you’ll need two devices that can run Facebook Live – a smartphone or tablet will work fine. Next, set up your first device to start broadcasting. Once it’s life, open the Facebook app on your second device and go to the “Live Video” section.

From there, select the first device as the video source. Now both devices will be broadcasting live, and you can switch between them as needed. To get the most out of this setup, try using one camera for a wide shot and another for close-ups or reaction shots.

This will give your live stream a more polished look and feel. Just make sure that both cameras are pointed at the same general area so that viewers don’t get disoriented when switching between them.

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