How to Make Scribble Effect in After Effects

There are a few ways to create the Scribble Effect in Adobe After Effects, but here’s one of the quickest and most effective methods. First, create a new solid layer (Layer > New > Solid) and make sure it’s black. Then, go to Layer > Pre-compose… (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + C).

In the Pre-compose dialog box, name your pre-comp “Scribble Effect” and click OK. Next, go to your Effects & Presets panel (Window > Effects & Presets) and type “stroke” into the search field. Drag the Stroke effect onto your pre-comp layer.

  • Open After Effects and create a new composition
  • You can do this by clicking File > New > Composition
  • Add a shape layer to your composition by clicking Layer > New > Shape Layer
  • With the shape layer selected, click the pen tool (shortcut key is P) and draw a line in your composition window
  • Make sure that the line has a stroke applied to it so that you can see it clearly
  • With the line still selected, go to Effect > Distort > Warp and apply the Bulge effect to the line
  • Increase the Bend parameter until you are happy with the result
  • 5a)
  • If you want to add more lines, simply repeat steps 3-4 for each new line
  • OR 5b)
  • If you want all of your lines to have the same scribble effect, you can precompose your shape layer by selecting it in the timeline and pressing Ctrl+Shift+C (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+C (Mac)
  • This will create a new composition with just your shape layer in it
  • Apply the Bulge effect to this precomposed layer and then drag it back into your original composition timeline on top of all of your other layers

How Do You Make a Scribble in After Effects?

There isn’t a specific tool to create a scribble effect in After Effects, but you can achieve this by using the Pen tool and some careful keyframing. To start, create a new solid layer and use the Pen tool to draw a freeform line. As you draw, the line will be created from anchor points and segments.

To add an anchor point, click with the Pen tool; to remove one, Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS). To change the direction of a segment, click and drag an endpoint; to change the shape of a segment, click and drag away from an endpoint. Once you have your line drawn, it’s time to add some animation.

With the layer selected, go to Animations > Add Keyframe Assistant > Easy Ease Out. This will add keyframes at your current location for both Opacity and Path properties. Next, move forward in time a few frames – about 10 should do it – and adjust the position of your path accordingly.

You can do this by selecting each control point individually with the Direct Selection tool or by clicking and dragging on the entire path with the Selection tool. Finally, go back to your first keyframe and change its Opacity value to 0%. Now when you play back your animation you should see your scribble slowly fading in overtime!

How Do You Make Scribble Effect Video?

Scribble effect video is a type of video where the images are drawn by hand. This can be done in a number of ways, but one popular method is to use an online video editor such as Adobe After Effects. To create a scribble effect video, start by importing your video into the software.

Then, create a new layer and select the Scribble Effect from the Effects menu. Adjust the settings to control how fast or slow the drawing will be, and then click OK. Once you have applied the effect, you can preview your video to see how it looks.

If you’re happy with the results, export your video and share it with your friends!

What is the Scribble Effect?

The scribble effect is an artistic style where the artist draws a bunch of random lines and squiggles all over the page. The result is a chaotic and confusing image that can be difficult to interpret. This technique was popularized by the Surrealist movement in the early 20th century and has been used by artists ever since as a way to create unique and interesting visuals.

How Do You Make Text Scribble?

There are a few ways to make text look like it’s been scribbled. One way is to use a program like Photoshop to create the effect. Another way is to use a special font that has been designed to look like it’s been scribbled.

Scribble Effect After Effects Free Download

The Scribble Effect is a fun and easy way to add some interest to your photos and videos. This effect can be used to create a variety of looks, from a simple scribble animation to something more complex and detailed. There are many different ways to create the Scribble Effect, but one of the easiest and most versatile methods is to use After Effects.

To create the Scribble Effect in After Effects, you will need to use the Pen tool. With the Pen tool selected, click on the video layer in the Timeline panel and draw a path around the area you want to animate. Next, go to the Effects & Presets panel and search for the Scribble effect.

Drag and drop this effect onto your video layer. Now that you have applied the effect, it’s time to customize it to get just the look you want.


If you’re looking to add some extra flair to your After Effects projects, you can create a scribble effect with just a few clicks. First, create a new solid layer and apply the CC Scribble Effect. Next, go to your layer panel and select the pen tool.

With the pen tool selected, draw a path on your solid layer. Be sure to keep your path relatively simple – the more complex the path, the more complicated the scribble effect will be. Once you’ve drawn your path, press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) to complete the selection.

Your scribble effect is now complete!