How to Open TMP File on Android? [Solved]

A tmp file is a temporary file that is created by a computer program to store information. When you open a TMP file on your Android device, the contents of the file will be displayed.

However, you will not be able to edit or save the file.

  • Tap the “My Files” icon on your Android device
  • This will open a file browser
  • Navigate to the “TMP” folder
  • This is where temporary files are stored on your Android device
  • Tap on the tmp file you want to open
  • A list of installed apps that can open the file will be displayed
  • Select the app you want to use to open the TMP file and tap “OK
  • The TMP file will now be opened in the selected app

What is? Tmp File in Android?

A . TMP file is a temporary file that is created on your Android device when you are using certain apps. These files are used to store data that is not needed permanently and can be deleted once the app is closed.

However, some.TMP files may not be deleted automatically and will remain on your device until you delete them manually.

How Do I Open a TMP File?

If you’ve come across a file with the .tmp extension, you may be wondering what it is and how to open it. TMP files are temporary files that are created by various programs when they need somewhere to store information temporarily.

This can be while the program is running, or when it’s closed down. The contents of a TMP file can vary depending on the program that created it, but usually, they contain data that is not needed once the program has finished using it.

For example, a word processor might create a TMP file when you open a document so that it has somewhere to store information about the document while you’re working on it.

Once you save and close the document, the TMP file is no longer needed and can be deleted. In most cases, you won’t need to worry about opening or dealing with TMP files as they’ll be automatically deleted by the program once they’re no longer needed.

However, there are some occasions where a TMP file might not get deleted correctly and will remain on your computer taking up space.

If this happens, you can try opening the file in the same program that created it (if you know which one this was). If this doesn’t work or you don’t know which program created the file, then your best bet is to delete it as it’s likely just junk data.

How Do I Open Temp Folder on Android?

The Temp folder on Android is a location where the system stores temporary files. These files are not necessarily needed for the functioning of the device and can be safely deleted. To access the Temp folder, open the File Manager app and navigate to the /data/local/tmp directory.

How Do I Recover Data from a TMP File?

There are a few different ways that you can go about recovering data from a TMP file. One way is to use a recovery program like Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. These programs will scan your computer for any TMP files and then give you the option to recover them.

Another way to recover data from a TMP file is to open the file in a text editor like Notepad++ or Microsoft Word. Once you have the file open, you can then search through the data for anything that you may have accidentally deleted. If you find something that you want to recover, simply copy and paste it into a new document.

If neither of these methods works, then your last resort would be to contact a professional data recovery company. They will likely be able to help you recover your data from the TMP file.

How to Play TMP Video Files on Android

Are you looking for a way to play .tmp video files on your Android device? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

First things first, let’s go over what a .tmp file is.

A .tmp file is a temporary file that is created by various programs when they are running. These files are typically deleted once the program has finished running.

However, in some cases, these files can be left behind on your system. Now that we know what a .tmp file is, let’s get down to business and learn how to play them on your Android device.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Install VLC Media Player from the Google Play Store. This app is free and will allow you to playback any type of video file on your Android device.
  2. Once VLC Media Player is installed, launch it and tap on the “Open File” button located at the bottom of the screen. Then select the. TMP video file that you want to play from your device’s storage.


If you’re wondering how to open a TMP file on your Android device, there are a few different ways you can do it. One way is to use a file managers app, such as Astro File Manager or ES File Explorer. These apps will allow you to browse the files on your device and open the tmp file.

Another way to open a TMP file is to use a text editor app, such as Jota Text Editor or Quick Edit Text Editor. These apps will let you view and edit the contents of the TMP file.

Finally, if you’re still having trouble opening the tmp file, you can try using an online converter tool, such as Zamzar or Convertio.

These tools can convert the TMP file into another format that may be more compatible with your Android device.

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