How to Play Apex Legends Like a Pro?

According to many gamers, Apex Legends is the most fun. Many battle royale gamers are still new in the game and trying to work their way to become pros. It is fun, but not easy to play. Surviving in the hot battlefield requires you to be knowing, some tips, tricks, and strategies. 

How to Play Apex Legends Like a Pro?

Jumping into the game without knowing how it works will get you killed within the first 60 or 90 minutes. As you may have read from other articles, Apex Legends emphasizes on teamwork.

If you don’t know how to work with your squad, there is no way that you can last in the game for long. Here are some footsteps of some of the Apex Legends pro players that you should also follow to become a pro in the shortest time possible.

1. Play with people you know


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Having strangers as your teammates when playing Apex Legends are signs that you are going nowhere. Some strangers will not be willing to revive you when you die in the game.

Playing with your friends and people that you know will make the game more fun to play and help you survive in the hot battlefield for long. 

You don’t have to worry if your friends or none of the people you know are interested in playing Apex Legends. There are some other ways of meeting people who will not be toxic. Apex Legends Play with Pro allows you to have a top 0.1% of Apex Legends players on your team. 

This player will share with you some tips and strategies that you can use to increase your survival time in the game and help your team win. Legionfarm has Apex Legends pros that are willing to team up with you, help you rank-up to ten times faster, and end your gaming sessions faster. 

You can also find good players that are willing to team up with you on discord servers. They are top experts, but they won’t troll you. Legionfarm has the best Apex Legends pro players, for people who want to gain skills and tricks for playing Apex Legends like pros. 

2. Choose the right character


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Apex Legends has 12 playable characters. Some of the characters are useless. Some can help you avoid traps, while others will be doing your team more harm than good. The best legend for you depends on your playing style. 

In my opinion, Wraith is the best character for many people. She has extra movement speeds and has a lot of other ways to get out of a sticky situation.

If I’m not playing with Wraith, I prefer Bangalore and Lifeline. You can try different characters to get the best for you, but Wraith, Bangalore, and Lifeline are the best for beginners who want to be pros.

3. Select the right weapon


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You can pick any weapon that you will find once you land on the map. Having weak gear is better than an empty hand when attacking your opponents in Apex Legends.

After you have some weapons with you, you should start choosing what to pick and what not to pick. You have limited space in your carriage, and picking the right weaponry can make a difference. 

According to many Apex Legends pro players, the best close-range weapons are the R-99 submachine gun and the Peacekeeper. Scout, Wingman, and the R-301 assault rifle are the best mid-range weapons. The Charge Rifle is the best gun of all, and managing to pick it can help you do your team a favor.

4. Get better at shooting


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Many casual players jump directly to the game. They don’t use the training mode to learn how to aim and shoot their targets. Having a superweapon means nothing if you are able to use it well.

Before you start playing, you should consider training yourself on how to aim and shoot your target. Having a habit of going into the training mode for about 15 to 20 minutes before playing will help you get better faster. 

5. Close the doors behind you


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Closing the doors behind you is a great way of using the map to your advantage in any battle royale video game. Not closing those doors will make it easier for the enemies that are outside to engage and attack you.

Shutting these doors can also be of much help you loot more when your health drops low. There are so many benefits of closing the gates behind you.

Many players don’t remember this, but Apex Legends pro players don’t forget to take any advantage they come across when playing. Even in the real world, we don’t leave the front doors of our houses wide open.

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