How to Reactivate Deactivated Amazon Seller Account

To reactivate a deactivated amazon seller account, you need to submit a plan of action to amazon seller performance team. This plan should detail the issue and how you plan to prevent it in the future.

Being a seller on amazon can be a profitable business venture, but it can be devastating when your account is deactivated. Deactivation can happen for various reasons, such as violation of amazon’s policies or an increase in negative feedback from customers.

However, if you find yourself in this situation, there is hope for reactivation. To reactivate your account, you need to submit a well-drafted plan of action to amazon’s seller performance team, outlining the issue and how you plan to prevent it in the future. This article will detail steps to take to reactivate your amazon seller account and provide helpful tips to avoid deactivation in the future.

Reasons For Deactivation

Amazon deactivates seller accounts for a variety of reasons, including policy violations, customer complaints, and poor performance metrics. Before taking action, amazon typically sends multiple warnings and notifications to the seller. Once deactivated, sellers can appeal the decision by submitting a plan of action that details steps taken to address the issue.

In order to reactivate the account, sellers must show that they have corrected the problem and are committed to following amazon’s policies and guidelines moving forward. It’s important for sellers to understand the reasons for deactivation and take proactive measures to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Reactivation Process

Reactivating a deactivated amazon seller account is crucial to your business. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process. Before initiating the reactivation process, ensure you have met all prerequisites. These include settling any outstanding fees, resolving any policy violations, and ensuring your account’s information is up-to-date and accurate.

Begin by contacting amazon’s customer support team and initiating a reactivation request. You may be required to provide additional documentation or information to complete the process successfully. Once your account has been reactivated, ensure you remain compliant with amazon’s policies to prevent future account deactivation.

Follow these steps carefully, and your account will be up and running in no time.

Addressing The Issues

Reactivating a deactivated amazon seller account can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. The first step is to address the issues that led to the deactivation in the first place. This will involve identifying any policy violations or account misuse and rectifying them accordingly.

Once you have addressed the issues, it’s important to take measures to prevent the account from getting deactivated again in the future. This may include educating yourself on amazon’s policies and guidelines, setting up automated alerts for policy violations, and monitoring the account regularly to ensure compliance.

Above all, be proactive and responsive to any issues that arise, as this will demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a successful and compliant seller account. With these steps, you can reactivate your amazon seller account and continue to grow and thrive as a seller.

Appealing The Deactivation

If you’re an amazon seller and your account has been deactivated, it can be frustrating. However, there are steps you can take to appeal the deactivation and reactivate your account. To begin with, you’ll need to assess the reason why your account was terminated.

Once you understand the cause, you can work on rectifying the issue. From there, you can write a convincing appeal letter to amazon. In the appeal letter, be sure to outline the steps you have taken to address the issue and demonstrate your commitment to complying with amazon’s policies.

Focus on being clear, concise and polite in your language, and try to connect with the reader on a personal level. Follow the tips provided here to write a compelling and effective appeal letter that increases your chances of getting your account reactivated.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Reactivate Deactivated Amazon Seller Account

How Does Amazon Suspend A Seller Account?

Amazon suspends a seller account if it violates their policies regarding authenticity, quality, safety, and customer experience.

What Are The Steps To Reactivate A Suspended Amazon Seller Account?

Register an appeal, analyze the reasons for suspension, draft a plan of action, consider buyer complaints, and get amazon’s approval for reinstatement.

How Long Does It Take For Amazon To Reactivate A Suspended Seller Account?

Reinstatement time varies and can take from a few hours to weeks depending on the severity of the problem and plan of action.

What Are Common Reasons Why Sellers’ Amazon Accounts Are Suspended?

Sellers experience account suspensions for several reasons, such as product authenticity complaints, poor performance, and policy violations.

Will I Get Reimbursed For The Funds In My Suspended Account?

Yes, but you need to have a valid withdrawal method, and any funds reserved for disputed transactions often return after 90 days.

What Are The Best Practices To Prevent Amazon Account Suspension?

Ensure product authenticity, quality, and safety, manage inventory, avoid negative feedback, follow amazon policies, and meet customer expectations.


After following the tips and steps we have discussed in this blog post, we hope you have successfully reactivated your amazon seller account. By being proactive and taking the necessary actions, you can avoid the frustration and revenue loss that comes with a deactivated account.

Remember to always address the root cause of the deactivation to prevent it from happening again in the future. Keep in mind that amazon values its customers and sellers, and they have provided a support system to assist you through the reactivation process.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if needed. Reactivating your account is a process that requires effort, but with the right approach, it is possible to resume your operations on amazon in no time.

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