How to Read Facebook Messages Without Seen?

Not every time you want to hide on Facebook. But at times, you need to get hidden, right? From everything, even private messages on Facebook.

It is possible if you know how to read Facebook messages without seen.


Well. This is a matter of surprise. You can read the message but the sender won’t be notified.

In this post, you will get this amazing hack.

Though Facebook does not have this option, you will get it here. The sender will not receive the impression that you have seen the message.

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Seen

Isn’t it interesting? So, let’s check this out. Now.


I guess you are well aware of Facebook. This is a social platform allowing you to share your thoughts and ideas. You can share posts, photos, and even videos as well.

This social platform has become an inevitable part of life. We cannot think a day without using Facebook.

Messaging on Facebook

Alongside sharing various content, you can send messages. The messages are destined to other users who have their profiles on Facebook.

How to read facebook messages without seen

Similarly, they also can send you messages. And you can get engaged in a conversation in a short time.

Why Do You Need to Remain Invisible?

Sometimes, you may not need to reply to all the messages. You may feel disturbed. Or you may remain busy. Moreover, there might be more important engagements than replying to a message.

Considering the grounds, you need not reply to the messages. But you can check the message contents.

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Seen?

Let’s enter into the core.

Facebook lacks the option to turn off the reading receipts. But several other options are there. And you can follow them without hassles.

The simple trick

Turn on the airplane mode. Yes, you read it.

Facebook sends a push notification. Whenever you get a message, it pushes the notification. So, if you do not want to be seen, you have to use flight mode.


How to read facebook messages without seen


Wait. You need to wait for a couple of moments. Before you go to flight mode.

The fact is that you need your device to load the message. Then go to flight mode (also known as airplane mode). Toggle it on.

Then read the message. After the reading is complete, close the messenger. And then toggle the flight mode.

Your sender will not get the notification that you have read it.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Certainly, there are alternatives. One of the alternatives is the banner generator option.

This option allows you to check the messages in the banner. You do not need to open the messenger.

However, this is not effective when you get a bulk amount of messages. When there is a bulk message amount, you cannot check all of those. You have to get into the messenger. And then, your message sender will know that you checked it.


How to read facebook messages without seen


The messenger will automatically send the receipt. To the message sender. So, this technique is not always effective.

Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger

In this present age, we cannot do a single day without a messenger. This is one of the fastest ways of communication. So, there are a good number of benefits. In this portion, let’s discuss a few key points.

Quick Communication

As it is said before, this is a quick tool for communication. Using Facebook messenger, you can send several types of messages. You can send texts, and images, and even you can attach documents as well.

And all the messages are sent instantly. However, if you know how to read facebook messages without seen, that a plus. You can check the messages secretly!

Cheaper Mode

At the same time, the messenger is a cheaper alternative than letter or courier services. Usually, it takes a couple of days for a letter to reach its destination. A similar approach applies to courier services as well.

But when you use a messenger, there are almost no charges. It’s for free. However, you need to have an active internet connection. Also, you need an active Facebook profile. The receiver also needs the same.

Privacy Ensured

Moreover, privacy is ensured here. No one else can check the messages sent to a receiver. It, in fact, is a foolproof secured way of communication.

If you send a message to any individual, it is not possible for others to check it. Getting the account hacked is a different issue. And you can also recover the profile by submitting the necessary documents. Thus, you are getting a secured information exchanging system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Open A Facebook Account?

Opening a Facebook account is a simple matter. You need an active internet connection, a mobile phone or a personal computer. Then you are to go to WWW.FACEBOOK.COM.

There you will get options to fill in. Provide the right information and verify those. Then you will get your account.

And you can decorate your account following your tastes. You may add a profile picture, set a cover photo, and more. Customization is easier here than on any other social platform. Moreover, you can send and receive requests from your near and dear ones. But to do all the things, you need to open a Facebook profile.

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Seen – Are There More Alternatives?

Well. They’re not too many alternatives other than the ways noted above. You can follow both of them and get the proof. Usually, the flight mode is sufficient to keep yourself hidden.

However, you can follow the second option as well. To some extent, that may not be that effective.

Do I Need to Provide My Real Name in Facebook Profile?

Facebook encourages to use of the real name of the profile holder. However, there are people who have fake Facebook profiles. They use the profiles to commit cybercrimes.

Thereby, if you want to remain safe, it is better to use your real name and credentials. Also, you must follow the rules and regulations provided by the Facebook authority.

Last Words

It was all about how to read Facebook messages without seen. This is an effective trick. It will not violate your privacy.

So, you can follow it if you want Facebook not to share the reading receipt. But don’t keep this secret. Share the article on your social platforms to let others know.

And use the comment box below to share your thoughts.


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