How to Reset Password in Windows 10?

Windows is one of the most prominent operating systems. It was won the hearts of millions of users, globally.

Do You Know Why?

Because the operating system is impressive. It is user friendly and the users need less technical know-how. Thereby, the system gained huge popularity among the global users.

However, forgetting password is a common issue for users. And it occurs frequently. Many of the Windows 10 users have this same problem. They forget their passwords to get the access inside the operating system. Also, you may need to reset the existing password.

But do you have idea How to Reset Password in Windows 10? If you do not know the process, you cannot have the access. Or you cannot reset the passwords as per needs.

Reset Password in Windows 10

Not to panic. Every problem arrives with a solution. Here – in this post you will get a comprehensive idea about it. Let’s check them below.

How to Reset Password in Windows 10?

It is a very simple task. If you lose or forget the passwords for Windows 10, follow the steps below.

The Process

Assuming that you know the password and want to reset it, follow the procedure.

Press the Start button. From there, go to Settings option and then to Accounts. Next, enter into the Sign-in options.

There, you will get a couple of options. Select the Password option. Click on the Change button from the options. And then follow the steps to change your password.

Ensure, you remember the new password. Otherwise, you have to do the same tasks again and again.

Benefits of Using Windows 10

Needless to say that Windows 10 has numerous benefits than its ancestors. Of course, the earlier versions are loveable. But in Windows 10, the users get something more. As a result, they are upgrading to Windows 10.

Let’s check some of the key benefits and top features of Windows 10, here.

Faster Speed

First of all, Windows 10 arrives with more speed. It takes less time to start up than the Windows 7 or Windows 8. Besides, the operating system loads and runs videos and other programs faster than other systems.

Technological Advancement

Besides, the addition of the latest technology has made this operating system more popular. The users can use the Cortana. It’s a convenient way to share your thoughts or get some support. Interaction with Cortana is hands-free. Cortana will follow your command and execute that without hassles.

Enhanced App Store

At the same time, you will have the access to an enhanced app store. From the store, you can get all your necessary software, media files, and other items.

Strong Browser

Now, Windows 10 is armed with Edge browser. It’s the default browser from Microsoft in Windows 10. And this browser has a smart appearance with fresh capacities.

Love Gaming?

If you are an ardent game lover, here is a good news for you. Windows 10 has the Xbox App. Using the app, you can track the advancement of your friends, stream the games and much more. Also, you can use the multiplayer option to enjoy the games smoothly with your buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Screen Capture Tool Available in Windows 10?

Of course. In fact, screen capturing is easier on Windows 10. You do not need to press the Print Screen key or download any additional external screen capturing tool or software.

Instead, you can press the Windows Key + Shift + S together. It will capture the screen and will ask you to select an area. Later, you can save the selection to any suitable destination.

How to Reset Password in Windows 10?

Well. This is a simple process. You have to go to the Settings, from there go to account and then password. Follow the instructions and your password will be reset.

Can I Use Voice Command on Windows 10?

I am not clear what you are specifically want to know. It appears that if you can use voice typing in Windows 10, right? To some extent, you can use voice typing. You can start the process by pressing the Windows+ H keys.

If the configuration is okay, the computer will start typing whatever you say. But remember, your pronunciation should be clear.

Can Change Color Interface?

Sure, you can change the color interface. Windows 10 has three options for you. They are – light, dark and custom.

You can set the color tone or interface according to your needs. To adjust the interface, you have to visit Settings option. Next, go to Personalization and then select Color. Follow the necessary instructions. Your interface will be changed.

Last Words

Thank you so much for your time. And it was all about How to Reset Password in Windows 10. Hope, you enjoyed reading the article. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

And please, do not hesitate to ask for any further clarification. Drop us a line, and our expert team members will get back to you.

Happy computing!

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