How to Restart and Force Restart iPhone?

How to Restart and Force Restart iPhone – Pro Hacks For iPhone Users

So, you are an iPhone user, right? And at times face frozen screen on your phone?

Well. This is a common issue for iPhone users. Though the iPhone chip is strong enough, sometimes, it stops responding. There are no solid reasons behind the frozen screen.

Thus, it needs restart or force restart. But do you know How to Restart and Force-restart iPhone?

I guess, the answer is negative because you are going through this post. Not to worry. This post will provide you with the solution. Hopefully, you will have the right know-how. Let’s explore them here.

How to Restart and Force-restart iPhone?

There are several methods. And restarting iPhone varies based on the phone models. No worries. Here, you will get the ways of different types of iPhone models.

For iPhone X, XR, 11, 12 and 13

At first, you need to ensure the iPhone is unlocked. Using your Face ID, you can unlock the device. However, if the device is not unlocked, you can still do this.

Press the volume up button. Then, press the volume down button. Finally, press the slide button. Keep the button pressed until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Now, release the button. Wait for a few moments. The phone will restart.

After the restart, your phone will function smoothly.

For iPhone 8 and SE 2nd gen 

Here, you have to follow the same as before. Press the volume up and down button. And the press the slide/ lock button. Release the slide button once the Apple logo appears. Your device will restart.

For iPhone 7

The process is a bit different. You have to press the volume down and lock/ slide button together. Keep them pressed until the Apple logo appears. Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the buttons. The phone will restart and start functioning like before.

For iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S and SE (1st gen)

Restarting iPhone 6, 6S and SE follows the same method. You have to press the lock button and the home button together. After a few moments, you will see the Apple logo. Release the buttons. Your phone will restart and start functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens for iPhone force restart?

Generally, it is done to bring back the phone into its earlier state. When the phone screen gets stuck, the users need to restart the device.  However, you may lose some of your unsaved data. But not to panic, once the phone is in operation, you can use the phone effortlessly.

How to Restart and Force-restart iPhone?

It’s a simple process. But the process may vary based on the iPhone model. So, please check the article above and follow the steps. Hopefully, you will have the right solution.

How can I install firmware on iPhone?

This is a process that will take a bit time. To install firmware on your iPhone, you need to download the firmware first. Search the internet and download the file. However, you have to download the file based on your iPhone model.

The file download may take up to six hours considering your internet connection speed.

Once you have downloaded the file, take your phone to the DFU mode. Connect it with the iTunes to your computer. Then, iTunes will ask for installing the firmware. Press Shift and show the location where the firmware is stored.

iTunes will automatically start updating the device with the software. After the successful completion, you will be notified. Unplug your device and start using it.

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