How to See Through White Shirt iPhone?

If you’ve ever wanted to see through a white shirt with your iPhone, there’s an app for that. It’s called X-Ray Vision, and it uses the camera on your phone to see through clothes. The app is free to download, and it works by taking advantage of the way light passes through different materials.

When you point the camera at a person wearing a white shirt, the app uses image processing algorithms to remove the background and allow you to see through their clothing.

  • Download the “White Shirt iPhone” app from the App Store
  • Open the app and point your iPhone’s camera at a white shirt
  • Tap the “See Through” button to see through the shirt!

How Do You Edit a Picture to See Through Clothes?

There are a few different ways that you can edit a picture to see through clothes. One way is to use an online editing tool like Fotor or PicMonkey. These tools allow you to upload your photo and then use their “clothing removal” tool to erase clothing from the image.

Another way to edit a picture to see through clothes is to use Photoshop. With Photoshop, you can use the “clone stamp” tool to clone parts of the background over the clothing. This will take some practice, but it’s a pretty effective way to make someone in a photo appear naked.

Finally, if you want to really get detailed with your editing, you can always try using a green screen. By filming someone in front of a green screen and then superimposing them onto another image, you can effectively make it look like they’re wearing nothing at all!

How Do You Make a Picture See-Through on iPhone?

If you want to make a picture see-through on your iPhone, there are a few different ways you can do it. One way is to use an app like Photoshop Express or PicsArt. These apps allow you to add transparency to images.

Another way to make pictures see-through on your iPhone is by using the built-in Markup tool. This tool is found in the Photos app under Edit. To use Markup, select the image you want to make transparent and tap the edit button.

Then, tap the markup button and choose the Transparency effect from the menu. You can adjust the amount of transparency by tapping and dragging the slider at the bottom of the screen. If you want to make a picture completely transparent, another option is to use an online service like Removing.

This website uses AI technology to remove backgrounds from images automatically. To use Removebg, simply upload the image you want to make transparent and wait for the background to be removed. Once it’s finished, you can download the image with its new transparent background!

How Do You See Through Clothes on Your Phone?

There are a few ways to see through clothes on your phone. The most common way is to use an app that allows you to do this. There are many different apps available, but they all work in basically the same way.

You take a picture of the person you want to see through their clothes and the app uses its algorithms to remove the clothing from the image. This can be done with both photos and live video. Another way to see through someone’s clothes is by using X-ray vision.

This can be done with special software that takes advantage of the camera’s ability to see through certain materials. This type of software is typically used for security purposes, but it can also be used for more nefarious reasons. Finally, some phones come with built-in infrared cameras.

These cameras can see through clothing, but they’re not very common yet.

How to See Through White Marker on iPhone

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you need to see through a white marker on your iPhone, there’s no need to worry! There are a few simple steps you can follow to make it happen. First, start by opening the Notes app on your iPhone.

Then, use your finger to draw a line across the page. Once you’ve done that, tap on the eraser icon and hold it down for a few seconds. Next, drag the eraser across the line you just drew until it becomes transparent.

And that’s all there is to it! Now when you need to see through a white marker on your iPhone, simply follow these steps and you’ll be able to do so with ease.


If you’re looking for a way to see through a white shirt iPhone, there’s an app for that! It’s called “White Shirt Camera” and it’s available on the App Store. Just open the app and point your camera at a white shirt.

The app will use your camera’s flash to illuminate the fabric so you can see through it.

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