How to Split Audio in Audacity?

“How to split audio in audacity” is quite an interesting topic that you are about to know today. By reading this you will know all about audacity splitting.

How to split audio in audacity

Basically, audacity is a famous recording tool that is especially used for audio editing. This one is available on various digital platforms like Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Windows, and many others. Without having any error audacity can record by microphones and mixers absolutely live.

Further, it can easily convert its recording with other recording devices. Cut, copy, split, and merging audio is such a common feature of audacity. Moreover, it is designed with digital effects to edit your audio clip professionally.

You may easily use audacity for different formatted audio files; including FLAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG, and VORBIS. if anyone wants a lot of audio formats for both output/input then installing plugins and encoders are conditioned. The audio converter will also work for the audio formatting.

How to Split Audio in Audacity?

Luckily all of us know that audacity is a famous recorder and editor but not everybody knows how it works?

“You just conceptualize that scenario when you really want to share audio files to your boss but I can’t be shared by the bigger size. Your audio files should be divided into different parts and then will be sending. Your boss needs all this audio otherwise you will be fired.”

Hey, relax, please! I just said you to conceptualize this situation. Say thanks to the creativity by which you have an amazing audio editor tool. Surely your boss will appreciate you instead of showing any anger.

Do you really want to know how you can split your recording file by using audacity then please pay attention below? The given steps will clear your entire concept about audacity. Here we go!

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The Complete Guide for Splitting Audio in Audacity:

At first, you have to download an upgraded version of audacity then install and launch it instantly. Before launching checkout which one version suits your device (operating system?)

Once you launch audacity then look over the FILE and tap OPEN to open your desired audio clip that you want to split into different parts. Dragging your audio file by the audacity window is the second way to select your recorded audio to split.

Simply play this Audio now, and imagine the point where it should be split. No matter how many parts you want to split it; there is no more restriction for this splitting. Later press F1 for using the selection tool to click the point you want to break at.

Short keys are also available to split this audio like; “Ctrl+I” go to “edit” a “clip boundaries” a “Split.”

Not only audio splitting but audacity gives you full reliability as an audio editor though you may delete your unwanted part from the audio. After deleting a particular audio part click “File” à “export audio” and simply save the remaining part of the audio by writing a file name, etc.

Bottom line:

The given method for splitting an audio track in audacity is absolutely working. You may easily download it and can use it in various ways. for any inquiry please read the “How to split audio in audacity” article again.