How to Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads?

Ever wanted to download a file using the Google Chrome browser but receive a prompt telling you Chrome has detected a malicious file and blocked it? In this situation, it will be useful to know how to stop Chrome from blocking downloads.

Part of Chrome’s protective measures is to scan every file before the download begins. This security measure helps protect your computer from files that might contain a virus, malware, or other types of infections by blocking them.

Files deem as unsafe by Chrome might however be “clean.” But it can be frustrating when Chrome keeps blocking a download you know originates from a trusted source.

For this reason, let me show you how to prevent Chrome from blocking downloads. Also, I will explain how to fix a situation where Chrome blocks automatic downloads originating from the same source.

How to Stop Chrome from Blocking Downloads?

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click “Settings.
  4. Under the “You and Google” section, click “Privacy and security.

blocking download

Locate the switch next to “Safe Browsing” and turn it off. The button is blue when turned on and gray when it’s off. From now on, Chrome will not block downloads anymore.

Note that the Safe Browsing feature also protects you from “phishing or malware sites”. Therefore, turning it off means missing out on other important security features, which when not in place may expose your computer to virus infections and other attacks.

For this reason, I recommend you turn on “Safe Browsing” after downloading the file in order not to expose your computer to malicious files coming from potentially dangerous sites.

And that leads us to another situation where Chrome blocks multiple downloads originating from the same source, especially from file conversion sites.

How to Unblock Automatic Downloads?

Click the three dots icon at the top right corner.

Scroll down and click “Advanced.

Underneath the “Privacy and Security” section, click the “Content settings.

blocking download

While in the Content settings panel, scroll down and click “Automatic downloads.

Toggle on the button to the right of “Do not allow any site to download multiple files automatically.

After turning on the button, it will display “Ask when a site tries to download files automatically after the first file (recommended).” With this setting in place, chrome would allow automatic downloads but still prompt for permission whenever a site initiates a download.

If the confirmation becomes a hassle, then add to a whitelist the site you wish to accept automatic downloads from. To do this, click the “Add” button next to “Allow” in the browser.

This allows the browser to allow downloads directly without interruption. But always make sure you make this setting for a website you trust.

I hope this post on how to stop Chrome from blocking downloads has helped with circumventing Chrome’s restrictions on potentially unsafe websites and downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Stop Automatic Downloads on Google Chrome?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the steps you need to take to stop automatic downloads on Google Chrome may vary depending on your individual settings and preferences.

However, some tips on how to stop automatic downloads on Google Chrome include disabling the ‘Ask where to save each file before downloading option in the Chrome settings or using a third-party extension such as Download Blocker to block unwanted downloads.

How to Stop Opening PDF in Chrome?

The best way to stop opening PDFs in Chrome may vary depending on your specific situation and needs. However, some potential methods to try include disabling the built-in PDF viewer in Chrome, using a different browser altogether, or using a PDF viewer extension or plugin.

How to Stop Pop-ups on Windows 10 Google Chrome?

There are a few different ways to stop pop-ups on Windows 10 Google Chrome:

1. Use an ad blocker.

2. Configure Chrome’s popup settings.

3. Install a popup blocker extension.

How to Stop Redirect Notice in Google Chrome?

There are a few ways to stop redirect notices in Google Chrome. One way is to install an ad blockers extension, such as AdBlock or uBlock Origin. Another way is to disable JavaScript in your browser settings. Finally, you can also try using a privacy-focused browser, such as Brave or DuckDuckGo.

How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing Chrome Android?

There is no way to stop videos from automatically playing in Chrome on Android. However, you can try using a browser extension or plugin that will block videos from playing.

How to Stop Live Caption in Chrome?

Click the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome window and select “Settings.” Scroll down and click “Advanced.” Under the “Accessibility” section, click “Manage accessibility features.” Toggle the “Live Caption” option off.

How to Stop Facebook Popups in Chrome?

Some users recommend disabling all third-party cookies in your browser’s settings, while others recommend using a browser extension or plugin specifically designed to block Facebook pop-ups.

how to Stop Google Chrome Download Automatically?

You can stop Google Chrome from automatically downloading files by disabling the “automatic downloads” feature.

To do this, open the Chrome menu and click on “Settings.” Under the “Advanced” section, click on the “Content settings” button. Scroll down to the “Automatic downloads” section and click on the “Do not allow any site to download multiple files automatically” option.

How to Stop Chrome Browser Notifications?

You can stop Chrome browser notifications by going to Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > Notifications and turning off the toggle for Sites can ask to send notifications.

How Do I Stop Popups in Google Chrome?

There are a couple of ways to stop pop-ups in Google Chrome. The first is to adjust your browser settings to block pop-ups. The second is to install a browser extension that will block pop-ups for you.

How to Stop Chrome from Grouping Tabs?

You can’t stop Chrome from grouping tabs, but you can ungroup them by right-clicking on a tab and selecting “Ungroup tabs”.

How to Stop Using Yahoo Search in Chrome?

You can stop using Yahoo search in Chrome by going to Chrome settings and then to the search engine settings. From there you can select another search engine to use as your default.

How Do I Stop Chrome from Blocking Websites?

You can’t stop Chrome from blocking websites. If you want to stop Chrome from blocking websites, you’ll need to use a different web browser.

How to Stop Google Recommends Using Chrome?

There is no way to stop Google from recommending Chrome, but you can disable the feature that displays the recommendation. To do this, type chrome://flags into your Chrome browser, then find and disable the flag labeled “Enable Recommended Extensions.”

How to Stop Chrome from Opening New Tabs on iPhone?

There is no way to stop Chrome from opening new tabs on iPhone.

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