How to Stop Skype From Lowering Volume

This topic “how to stop skype from lowering volume” is silly trouble but it will irritate you when you communicate with others by using skype. Follow this instruction to solve skype from the lowering volume.

Have you been struggling with conditions whereby Skype keeps lowering the volume of other apps while a call is coming in or on one? Unfortunately, this app behavior isn’t from Skype, but Microsoft.

Microsoft classifies Skype calls as “communications activity.”For this reason, when placing or receiving a call like that of Skype, Windows automatically lowers sounds from other apps to prevent interference. If this system configuration irritates you, do not fret as this post explains how to stop the volume issue.

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How to stop Skype from lowering volume of other apps:

  1. Type “sounds” (without the quotes) into the search bar of your computer. Open the “Sounds” app that appears. You can also get into sound settings by navigating to Control Panel>Sounds.
  2. Once in settings, switch to the “Communications” tab.
  3. From the available“radio buttoned” options, choose “Do nothing.”
  4. “Apply” the changes and “Ok” the process. From now on, this setting will prevent Windows from lowering other sounds when you receive a call or on one.



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