How To Tell If Your Graphics Card Is Dead

Hey! How to tell if your graphics card is dead? All computer students have you ever heard about an amazing card that shows you pictures and videos on your gaming pc screen? If no, then stay connected with us. Today we are about to bring something very informative regarding the Computer.

The graphics card is a part of a CPU. It works systematically for multiple visionary soft wares. When a CPU works in conjunction with software and application then; it refers to information (to the monitor) about images through a card (Graphics card).

The pathway for all the visual information to the monitor is a cable that associates separately.

How to know if your graphics card is dead?


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Hey! Let us dig some deeper!

The way for checking the graphics card’s working quality is simple. You just have to check your windows device manager in order to check the availability of the graphics card.

Device manager exists in the control panel of the window. By clicking the device manager, now click on the display adopter. Look; if you are having a yellowish question mark means your graphics card is about to die.

Few signs are given below for a dying graphic card;

  1. Stumbling
  2. Screen glitches
  3. Unusual artifacts
  4. Blue colored screen
  5. Cooling fan sound

Note: Video card or graphics card are two different names of one visual card.

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Is a dead video card can be repaired?

A burning video card will no longer able to work. Often video cards can be repaired by some professionals, but they will work momentarily. Heating is an effective method for the temporary repairing of a video card.

The heat will melt all the solder links possibly of a video card. Remember! This heat melt repairing formula will not last for long. We must suggest you change your video card with a new one.



Guys! It’s time to know something more about the video card connection cable.

The few most considerable and common connection cables types are noted below. About every cable is designed with a different port and size.

  • Video Graphics Array (VGA) (DE-15)
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
  • Video In Video Out (VIVO) for S-Video (Composite video and Component video)
  • High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
  • Display Port

Not only all these; but in the market, there is a variety of choices of connecting cables are available with a guaranty life. Through you may easily connect your video card to your computer.

Computer GPU and signs of GPU failure:


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GPU stands for (Graphics processing unit.) GPU exploits a variable computer chip, which is specially designed for display functionalities. This computer chip is also known as a processor.

A GPU condenses multiple types of videos on the monitor screen including; cartoons, videos, images, and different ds animation (games). The graphic processing unit is designed in the plug cards directly “on the motherboard.”

Signs of video card failure or bad video cards:

What do you think is this topic going to be boring?? Obviously not! In this topic, you are about to know some common signs of video card failure or bad video card signs. For example;

  • A graphics card may misbehave when you’re Computer gone crash. As a result of this computer crash, you will have the lock-upped blue screened monitor.
  • In case of the least efficiency of a video card, your video will show freezing results. This could happen not only failure of video card but, a dying hard drive and RAM could be another bad cause of this situation.
  • We must say you that don’t clear the conclusion too early; it would be better for your system to check from a reputable person.
  • On the next side; if you are having a freezing video with few other warnings, then we are sure about the failure of the video card.

Graphics card buying guide (2020):

Please pay attention here. Here we have a few essential tips for buying a graphics card.

Free tips:

  • Please don’t spend all the money on the graphics card, and processor. Save some money for other parts of your CPU.
  • Matching a monitor resolution is a must rather than changing a graphics card. It would be better than reset the monitor screen then go for the buy.
  • Always consider refresh rates and a powerful graphics card for heavy games. However, if a monitor is working on 60Hz and 1080 power then you may use an ordinary video card simple.
  • Try to get an idea for the right space and power. In case of less power or space, your expensive video card will not adjust in the CPU, and you may lose your money.
  • Always try to know the real MSRP of a graphics card. Never buy double video cards; if you have the previous one in the running condition.
  • For better performance, always go with an expensive and quality video card. Often card is not much in the price of overclocking headroom.
  • Preferring 3-4 GB graphics card will be the best option for a heavy video game.

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Best graphics card list:

A video or graphics card is the essential component of a gaming PC. Today we have collected best of NVIDIA AGP graphics cards of this year 2020.

1.     NIVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TiFastest speedHigh costly
Beneficial for ray tracing and deep learning.Familiar with few ray-tracing games only
2.     NIVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 superFaster than RTX 2080 TiExpensive
Best for ray-tracingSelective ray-tracing games
3.     NIVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 superHigh-end GPUHigh-cost price
Designed for best ray tracing gamesFewer games for ray-tracing
4.     NIVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 superBest card with best price and performanceNot affordable for everyone
Comes with deep learning technology and ray-tracingFor selective ray-tracing games only
5.    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070Fair performance at 1080pNo more ray-tracing
Designed with NIVIDIA Turing  structurePrice increasing with time

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At Bottom Line:

Every gaming pc is designed with a graphics card. It works amazingly for high graphic games. Sometimes it loses the best efficiency or may become a failure for a few genuine causes. Some common causes are mentioned above.

A slight problem can repair in a graphics card with temporary timing. The majority professional fixes a graphics card by a heat melting trick.

NVIDIA graphics cards and Intel graphics cards are best for a gaming pc. Fewer best graphics cards by NVIDIA are suggested above; also, we have mentioned every card with pros and cons for your satisfaction.

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