How to Text a 5 Digit Number on Iphone

To text a 5 digit number on an iPhone, first open the Messages app and select the “+” sign in the upper-right corner to start a new message. Type in the 5 digit number as you would any other phone number. Once done, tap “Send.”

The recipient should receive your message within minutes. To add extra features such as emojis or pictures, press and hold down on the send button until additional options appear. If you need to change something after sending it, double click or long press on your sent message and choose Edit Message from there.

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone: The Messages app is typically located on the home screen of your phone and will appear as a green icon with a white speech bubble
  • Tap the compose button: This button appears in the top right corner of your screen and looks like an image of a pencil writing on paper
  • Type in the 5 digit number you want to text: You can either type it into the “To” field or directly into the message box where you’ll be typing out your message
  • Compose your message: Once you’ve typed in the recipient’s 5 digit number, start composing your message by typing it into the body of text area below where you typed in their number
  • Send Your Text Message: Once you’re done composing, tap send to send off your text!

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How Do You Send a Text to a 5 Digit Number?

In order to send a text message to a 5 digit number, you will first need to make sure that the recipient’s device is capable of receiving and sending text messages. If the recipient has an active cellular plan with their service provider, then they should be able to receive texts from your phone. Next, open up your messaging app on your smartphone or other mobile device and enter in the five digit number into the “To” field.

After entering in the number, type out your desired message and hit “Send”. The text should now be sent successfully!

How Do You Text a Short Code Number?

Texting a short code number is easy and straightforward. First, you’ll need to find the short code number that you want to text. This can be done by looking it up online or finding it in an advertisement.

Once you have the short code number, open your texting app on your phone and enter the short code number into the recipient field of your message. Then type out what you’d like to say in the body of your message and hit send! Depending on who owns the specific short code, there may be a response sent back with more information about whatever service or product is being advertised via that particular number.

How Do You Text Short Code on Iphone?

Texting a short code on an iPhone is quite easy. First, you need to make sure that the number for the short code is saved in your Contacts app or stored in your Messages app so that you can find it quickly. Once you have found the contact, simply type out the message and press “Send”.

If you are having trouble sending a text to a short code, make sure that your phone’s carrier has enabled texting with these numbers. It may also be helpful to include specific keywords if prompted by the sender of the message as this helps them identify who sent it.

Why Can’T I Send a Message to a 5 Digit Number?

It is impossible to send a message to a 5 digit number because there are not enough numbers in the range of 0-99,999. The maximum possible combination of digits for a 5 digit number is only 99999, which means that most phone numbers are 6 or 7 digits long. Additionally, many telecommunication service providers require longer phone numbers so that they can offer additional services such as voicemail and text messaging.

For example, some US telephone companies require 10-digit numbers, while others may even go up to 11 digits. Therefore it is not possible to send messages to any five-digit number due to the limited combinations available and the more complex systems required by telecommunication providers today.

Why Can’T I Text 5 Digit Numbers Iphone

If you’re trying to send a text message to a 5-digit number on your iPhone, you may have noticed that the “Send” button is grayed out. That’s because iPhones do not support texting numbers with only 5 digits; they require either 10 or 11 digits (including area code) for SMS messaging. You can work around this limitation by adding 1 before the five digit number when sending an SMS.

For example, if your recipient has a phone number of 12345, type in 112345 and then hit the Send button.


In conclusion, texting a five-digit number on an iPhone is not difficult. With the help of this guide, you can now easily message your friends and family members with their 5 digit numbers. You just need to enter the area code followed by the phone number in order to send them a text message.

If you follow these steps correctly, then you should have no difficulty sending a text message to any 5 digit number on your iPhone.

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