How to Text With Siri on Iphone 11

To text with Siri on an iPhone 11, you need to first turn on the “Allow Hey Siri” function. To do this go to Settings >Siri & Search and toggle the switch for “Listen for Hey Siri”. Once enabled, you can say “Hey Siri” followed by your message in order to send it as a text message.

You can also ask questions or give commands such as asking who a contact is or telling her to call someone directly from your contacts list. Additionally, if you want Siri to read out messages that have been sent or received, just say “Hey Siri, read my messages”. This feature works while using other apps so that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing in order access them.

How to use Type to Siri on your iPhone and iPad instead of speaking — Apple Support

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone 11: The Messages app is usually located at the bottom of your Home screen, in a pink circle with a white speech bubble inside it
  • Ask Siri to send a text message: To do this, press and hold down the Side button (located on either side of your phone) until you hear two beeps, indicating that Siri has activated
  • Then say something like “Send a text message” followed by instructions such as “to [contact name]” or “Tell [contact name] that…” 3
  • Speak out loud what you want to say: Once Siri understands who you’re sending a message to, speak out loud what you want to say in the form of an audible sentence or phrase so that she can transcribe it for you into text format for sending
  • Confirm dictation accuracy and review before sending: After speaking out loud what you want to say in your message, Siri will show an accurate transcription of it beneath her response bar at the bottom of the screen once she finishes listening
  • You should review this transcription carefully before confirming its accuracy and hitting Send if everything looks correct!

How to Use Siri on Iphone 11 Without Pressing Home Button

Using Siri on your iPhone 11 doesn’t require you to press the Home button anymore – Apple has made it even easier. All you need to do is bring up the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen, then tap and hold the Voice Memos icon until Siri appears with a microphone. From there, just speak into your phone as normal!

How Do I Activate Siri for Texting?

In order to use Siri for texting, you’ll need an iPhone 6s or later running iOS 9 or higher. To activate Siri, press and hold the Home button on your device until the familiar Siri interface appears. Once activated, you can ask Siri to send a text message by saying something like “Send a text message to John Smith” followed by the contents of your message.

If you don’t know who you want to send it to yet, simply say “Send a text message” and then dictate who it should be sent to along with the content of your message when prompted.

What Side Button Do I Press for Siri on Iphone 11?

If you want to access Siri on your iPhone 11, all you have to do is press and hold the side button located on the right hand side of your device. This button was previously used for locking and powering off the phone, but now it can be used as a quick shortcut to access Siri. Additionally, if you prefer not to use this method and would rather access Siri through voice commands, simply say “Hey Siri” while your phone is unlocked and near enough for it to detect your voice.

How Do I Use Siri on My Iphone 11 Without Pressing the Button?

Using Siri on an iPhone 11 without pressing the button is easy! To use Siri, simply say “Hey Siri,” and your device will recognize your voice. You can also enable “Raise to Speak” in settings so that you don’t need to press anything when using Siri.

With Raise to Speak enabled, holding your phone up close to your face will automatically activate Siri’s listening mode without any additional prompts from you. This feature is helpful because it allows for hands-free interactions with the voice assistant while still providing a secure experience since only someone with access to your device would be able to activate it.


In conclusion, texting with Siri on an iPhone 11 is a great way to stay connected and keep your conversations organized. It can save you time by allowing you to quickly send messages, set reminders, and make calls without having to type out the entire message. With its intuitive design and helpful features, text messaging with Siri will help you get through your day more efficiently.

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