How to Track Another Phone on Find My Iphone

To track another phone on Find My iPhone, you must first make sure that the other person has enabled their device to be tracked. The individual needs to have an iCloud account, and they need to turn on ‘Find My iPhone’ in their device’s settings. Once this is done, open the ‘Find My iPhone’ app on your mobile device or computer and log into your own iCloud account.

You will then see a list of devices associated with your Apple ID; select the one you want to track and it will show up as a pinpoint on a map with information about its location. If desired, you can also set notifications for when the other phone moves beyond certain boundaries or leaves an area altogether.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

  • Step 1: Log into your iCloud account on a computer or mobile device
  • You will need to use the same Apple ID and password that is associated with the other iOS device you want to track
  • Step 2: Once logged in, select “Find My iPhone” from the main menu of your iCloud account page
  • Step 3: On this page, you will be able to see all devices connected with your Apple ID in one place
  • Select the phone that you would like to track and click on it for more information about its location
  • Step 4: The next page should show where that particular device is located at any given time (or was last located)
  • It may give an exact address if available or just general area such as city/state/country depending on how accurate its GPS coordinates are

Find My Friends Iphone

The Find My Friends app for iPhone is a great way to stay connected with family and friends. It allows you to easily track their location, so you always know where they are at any given time. You can even share your own location with them if you wish.

Additionally, the app also provides notifications when contacts enter or leave designated areas, making it easy to coordinate meetups and get-togethers.

Can You Track Someone Else’S Iphone With Find My Iphone?

Yes, you can track someone else’s iPhone with Find My iPhone. This feature allows you to locate the device on a map and see its current location. It also provides an option to remotely lock the device or erase all data from it in case of theft or loss.

Additionally, you can set up alerts for when the phone is out of range or enters certain locations such as your home or office. To use this feature, both devices must be signed into iCloud using the same Apple ID and have Find My iPhone enabled on them.

How Do You Track a Family Members Iphone?

If you need to track a family member’s iPhone, there are several options available. The most straightforward way is to use an app like Find My Friends or Apple’s own Find My iPhone. These services allow users to share their location with others, making it easy for families to stay in touch.

To get started, both the person who wants to be tracked and the one doing the tracking will need an Apple ID and iCloud account enabled on each device they want to monitor. Once everything is set up, all that’s left is for one user (the tracker) to send a request via either service and wait for it approved by the other person (the tracked). As soon as this happens, everyone involved can keep tabs on each other’s whereabouts in real time.

Additionally, some third-party apps may offer additional features such as setting boundaries around specific locations or messaging capabilities directly within the app itself so that you can ensure your family members are safe at all times.

How to Check Someones Location?

If you are trying to check someone’s location, your best bet is to use a GPS tracking device or app. These devices can be attached to a person’s phone, car, or watch and will allow you to track their movements in real-time. You can also set up notifications so that you get an alert when the person arrives at a certain destination.

If the person has given consent for you to do this, then it is perfectly legal; however, if they have not given consent then it could be considered illegal depending on local laws.


This blog post has provided a comprehensive guide to tracking another phone on Find My iPhone. With the detailed step-by-step instructions, anyone can now track their loved ones or stolen devices with ease and accuracy. This feature of Find My iPhone is an invaluable tool for keeping your family safe and recovering lost or stolen items quickly.

And best of all, it’s free!

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