How to Transfer a Movie from Iphone to Laptop

Transferring a movie from an iPhone to a laptop is easy. First, connect your iPhone to the laptop using the USB cable that came with it. Next, open iTunes on your laptop and select your device in the left-hand menu of iTunes.

Select Movies in the navigation bar at the top of iTunes and you will see all of your movies listed under Home Videos or Movies section. Checkmark next to each movie you want to transfer, then click File > Devices > Transfer Purchases from [your device name]. This will begin transferring all selected movies from your iPhone to the laptop’s hard drive.

When finished, disconnect your phone and eject it safely from iTunes before unplugging it from the computer. Your movies will now be stored on both devices!

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  • Connect your iPhone to the laptop with a USB cable: To begin, connect your iPhone device to your laptop using an Apple certified Lightning or 30-pin dock connector cable
  • Unlock Your Iphone and Trust Your Computer: Once the connection is made, you’ll be prompted on your iPhone’s screen to “Trust This Computer
  • ” Tap “Trust” so that the computer can access content stored in the phone
  • Launch iTunes on Laptop: Next, launch iTunes on your laptop by double clicking its icon from either the desktop or application folder of your computer’s operating system (OS)
  • Select Device Icon in Top Left Side of Itunes Window : After launching iTunes, select the device icon located at the top left side of its window
  • This will display all contents stored within it including music files and videos that can be transferred between devices over wireless Bluetooth connections as well as through physical data cables like USBs and others such as HDMI ports etc
  • Click File Menu Option : Now click on “File” menu option which appears right next to “Edit” option at upper left corner of iTunes window then choose ‘Add File To Library…’ command from appeared dropdown list6
  • Browse for Movie Files into Itunes Library : A file browser windows will appear wherein you need to browse for movie files which needs being transferred from Iphone device into Itunes library
  • 7 Drag & Drop Selected Movies Into The Device List Panel : After selecting desired movies , just drag those selected movies into device list panel appearing under summary tab
  • Thus these selected items will be automatically moved onto Iphone device

Why Can’T I Transfer Movies from Iphone to Pc?

If you are trying to transfer movies from your iPhone to a PC, it may not be possible without the correct software. The reason for this is because iPhones use an operating system called iOS which is exclusive to Apple products. This means that certain files like movies cannot easily be transferred over to other devices such as PCs, since they do not support the same OS and can’t read the file format of those movies on the iPhone.

To make sure that you can successfully transfer any type of movie from your iPhone device onto a PC, you will need dedicated third-party software or cloud storage solutions that are compatible with both systems.

How Do I Transfer Videos from My Phone to My Laptop?

Transferring videos from your phone to your laptop is a relatively simple process. The first step is to connect both devices using either a USB cable or via Bluetooth. Once the two devices are connected, you’ll be able to access and transfer any content stored on your device by navigating through the appropriate menus on each device’s respective operating system.

In most cases, this will involve connecting your phone as an external storage device and then dragging and dropping or copying/pasting files between them in order to transfer videos from one device to the other. Depending on the type of connection being used, you may also be able to utilize cloud-based services such as Google Drive or Dropbox for transferring large video files quickly and easily.

How Do I Transfer Videos from Iphone to Laptop Using Itunes?

Using iTunes to transfer videos from your iPhone to a laptop is relatively simple. First, you will need to connect your iPhone and laptop using the USB cable that came with the device. Once it’s connected, open up iTunes on your laptop and select ‘File > Devices > Transfer Purchases’ from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

This will allow iTunes to transfer any purchased content from your iPhone to computer automatically. If you don’t see this option, right-click (or Control-click) on your phone in iTunes and choose ‘Transfer Purchases’. After that’s done, click on ‘Movies’ under Library in the left panel of iTune window and select which video file you want to sync with laptop by checking its box next to its name.

Finally press Sync button located at bottom right corner of window once syncing process finishes – all selected files should now be transferred from iOS device into designated folder on computer.

How Do I Transfer Movies from My Laptop to My Iphone Without Itunes?

One way to transfer movies from your laptop to your iPhone without iTunes is by using a third-party file sharing service. There are many services available, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, that allow you to upload files from your computer and access them on other devices. Once the movie has been uploaded to the cloud storage service of your choice, you can then download it onto your iPhone for playback.

Additionally, some media players have built-in support for streaming video content directly from these services, allowing you to watch movies stored in the cloud without having to download them first.


Overall, transferring a movie from an iPhone to a laptop is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is the right software, such as iTunes or iMyFone TunesMate, and your laptop’s compatible cable connection. With just a few simple steps and some patience, you can easily transfer any of your favorite movies from your iPhone to your laptop in no time at all.

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