How to Transfer a Song from Mac to Iphone

To transfer a song from Mac to iPhone, you will need to have the latest version of iTunes installed on both devices. On the Mac, open iTunes and select Preferences from the menu bar. In the General tab, checkmark “iCloud Music Library” and press OK.

Next, go to your music library and select all songs that you want to sync with your iPhone. Right-click on one of them and choose Add To iCloud Music Library. On your iPhone, open Settings > Music > iCloud Music Library and toggle it ON if it is off already.

Now launch iTunes app on your phone then click More > Shared > My Music which should display all available music libraries that are connected with iCloud including any songs you added earlier from Mac device. Finally tap Select All at bottom right corner followed by Download icon next to each song title in order to download them onto iPhone device storage memory space for offline playback usage anytime anywhere without any internet connection required anymore!

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone 100% FREE (Mac & PC)

  • Connect your iPhone to Mac using the USB cable: Start by connecting your iPhone to your Mac with the included USB cable
  • Open iTunes on Mac: Once the connection is established, open iTunes on your Mac (if it doesn’t open automatically)
  • Select Music Library: In iTunes, go to ‘My Music’ or ‘Library’ and select all of the songs you want to transfer from Mac to iPhone
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  • Drag Songs into Device Section: Now drag these songs into device section at top left corner of iTunes window which displays name of connected device (iPhone in this case)
  • This will start transferring selected music files from computer library over USB connection directly onto your phone storage memory card
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  • Disconnect Phone From Computer When Transfer Is Complete : Wait till all music files are transferred and then disconnect iPhone from computer safely when transfer process is complete

How to Transfer Music from Mac to Iphone Without Itunes

Using AirDrop is a great way to transfer music from Mac to iPhone without iTunes. All you need is an iPhone 5 or later and both devices must be logged into the same iCloud account. Once connected, open the Music app on your Mac, select which songs you’d like to transfer, then press the Share button in the bottom right corner of the window.

From there, choose which device you’d like to share with and click Send. Your selected songs will appear on your iPhone instantly!

Can I Airdrop Music from Mac to Iphone?

Yes, you can AirDrop music from Mac to iPhone. With the AirDrop feature on both devices, you can quickly and easily transfer music files between them without having to connect a cable or use any third-party apps. To start an AirDrop session between your Mac and iPhone, simply open the Finder window on your Mac and select “AirDrop” from the left sidebar menu.

Then turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection of both devices, allow other nearby Apple device to see it in their AirDrop list by enabling “Everyone” option in the pop up window on each device. Now drag & drop one or multiple songs from iTunes library into finder window then send them over to your iPhone using AirDrop. Your selected song will appear directly in Music app of your iPhone once its received there successfully.

Why Can’T I Transfer Music from My Mac to My Iphone?

Transferring music from a Mac to an iPhone can be difficult, as Apple does not provide a direct way for users to do this. The main reason why you cannot transfer music from your Mac computer directly to your iPhone is because of the different file systems that each device uses. iPhones use the AAC format while most computers store music files in either MP3 or WAV formats, meaning they are incompatible with one another.

To get around this issue, users must first convert their music into an iOS-compatible format before transferring it over via iTunes or similar software programs such as iExplorer and AnyTrans.

How Do I Transfer Music from My Mac to My Iphone Without Cable?

Transferring music from your Mac to iPhone without cables can be done using Apple Music. Once you’ve subscribed to Apple Music, you’ll need to enable iCloud Music Library on both devices. This will allow songs stored on your Mac’s iTunes library to sync with the same library in iCloud and then onto your iPhone.

The process for enabling this varies depending on which version of macOS or iOS you’re running, so it’s best to consult the official documentation for specific instructions. Additionally, if you have an Apple Music subscription, you can access all of the music available through that service right from your iPhone as well – no cable needed!

How Do I Transfer My Music from Computer to Iphone?

Transferring music from your computer to your iPhone can be done quickly and easily by using the Apple iTunes software. To start, connect your iPhone to a USB port on your computer with the included USB cable. Once connected, launch iTunes and click on “Device” in the top navigation bar.

Select “Music” from the left-hand side menu and then select “Sync Music” from the resulting dropdown list. From here you can choose which type of music you would like to transfer, such as all songs or just specific playlists. Click apply when done selecting which music to transfer and it will begin syncing all selected music files onto your device – it’s that easy!


Transferring music from your Mac to your iPhone is a great way to easily access all of your favorite songs. With the help of iTunes, you can quickly and conveniently transfer all or select songs from your Mac to your iPhone with ease. Now that you know how easy it is to transfer a song from Mac to iPhone, there’s no reason not to have all of your favorite tunes right at hand!

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