How to Transfer All Contacts to Iphone

To transfer contacts to an iPhone, you’ll need the Apple ID and password of the device. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone and select “Settings” at the bottom. Choose “Accounts & Passwords” then tap “Add Account”.

Select your type of account (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and enter your login credentials for that account. Once logged in, make sure all contacts are synced with that particular account before proceeding to transfer them onto your new phone. If transferring from Android or another iOS device, go into their respective settings menus and export all contact information as a vCard (.vcf) file.

Then email this file to yourself or save it in a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox before downloading it onto the new iPhone via its Mail app or Files app respectively. Finally open Contacts again on your iPhone and choose “Import” from within Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Other (for vCard files). Follow any additional prompts until all imported contacts appear in-app.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone (Fast and Easy)

  • Step 1: On your Android device, open the “Contacts” app and tap on the “More” option
  • Step 2: Select “Export” from the list of options presented
  • Step 3: Choose where you want to save the contacts file on your phone (SD card or internal storage)
  • Step 4: Name your contact export file, then select “OK” to complete the export process
  • Step 5: Connect an iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed, then launch it
  • Step 6 : Click on the iPhone icon in iTunes and select “Info” tab on left hand side
  • Step 7 : Check off “Sync Contacts With” option and choose “Google Contacts” from drop-down menu
  • Step 8 : Enter Google account information and click Apply button to start syncing contacts between Google account and iPhone
  • Step 9 : Disconnect iPhone after sync is completed successfully

Transfer Contacts to New Iphone Without Icloud

If you need to transfer contacts from an old iPhone to a new one without using iCloud, there are several simple methods available. You can use the SIM card in your device, sync contacts with iTunes on your computer, or use third-party tools such as dr.fone – Phone Transfer and ApowerManager. With these solutions, you can easily move all of your contact information without having to worry about iCloud compatibility issues.

How Do I Transfer My Contacts to My New Iphone?

Transferring contacts from one device to another is easy with an iPhone. To transfer your contacts to a new iPhone, start by backing up your old device using iCloud or iTunes. Once the backup is complete, turn on your new iPhone and follow the setup instructions until you reach the Apps & Data screen.

Select “Restore from iCloud Backup” or “Restore from iTunes Backup” depending on which backup method you used. Enter your Apple ID credentials and select the most recent backup of your old phone in order to begin transferring all of its contents including contacts into your new device.

Can I Airdrop My Entire Contact List?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to AirDrop your entire contact list. While you can use AirDrop to transfer photos, videos, documents and other files between two Apple devices, the technology does not have a feature that allows you to share an entire contact list. You will need to manually select each individual contact from your address book and send them one-by-one.

Additionally, keep in mind that for AirDrop transfers both users must be on the same Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth enabled device within close proximity of one another in order for the file sharing to take place successfully.

How to Transfer All Contacts from Iphone to Iphone Without Icloud?

Transferring contacts from one iPhone to another without using iCloud is possible, but requires a few extra steps. First, you’ll need to connect both iPhones to the same Wi-Fi network. Then launch the Settings app on both phones and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” or “Contacts” depending on your device’s operating system.

Next, find the “Add Account” option and select it. Choose “Other” as your account type and then enable Bluetooth pairing between your two devices by tapping the toggle switch beside it in order for them to recognize each other wirelessly. Finally select “Transfer from iPhone” on one phone followed by “Accept Transfer” on the other phone in order for all of your contacts to be transferred over successfully!


Transferring contacts to your iPhone can be a time-consuming process, but with this step-by-step guide, it doesn’t have to be. Now that you know how to transfer all of your contacts from various sources onto your iPhone, you can get started right away and save yourself some valuable time. Don’t delay in getting the contact info you need; follow these steps today and enjoy easy access to everyone in your address book!

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