How to Transfer All Media from Iphone to Pc

The most efficient way to transfer all media from an iPhone to a PC is by using the iTunes software. First, connect your iPhone device to your computer via USB cable. Then launch the iTunes app and select File > Devices > Transfer Purchases from “[device name]” in the menu bar located at top of the window.

This will copy all purchased items—including music, movies, TV shows and more—from your iPhone onto your computer. Additionally, if you have any photos or videos saved on your device that weren’t taken with its camera, you can also use iTunes to back them up onto a folder on your Mac or PC. Once complete, disconnect and safely remove both devices so as not to cause any damage while transferring data between them.

(2022) How to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone to Windows!!

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable: Connect the lightning end of the USB cable into the charging port at the bottom of your iPhone, then connect the other end of the cable into an available USB port on your computer
  • Open iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically: Once you’ve connected your phone, iTunes should launch and display information about your device under “Devices” in the left-hand sidebar
  • If not, double-click on iTunes to open it manually
  • Click “File” menu and select “Device” → “Transfer Purchases from [your device name]”: This will save all purchased apps, music and movies from iStore to Local Computer’s Library folder (default location C:\Users\[username]\Music)
  • Select File → Devices → Transfer Purchases from “[your device name]” in iTunes: This option allows you transfer all media items such as songs, photos & videos etc
  • , which are synced via iCloud or downloaded/added directly onto your iOS devices without using any third party app or tool (in case you do have any)
  • 5
  • Select File→Home Sharing→ Choose Photos to Import: Now that Home Sharing is enabled through both computers (iPhone & PC), select this option so that all images stored in Photo Library can be imported directly onto PC by just selecting them one by one or choose ‘Import All New Items’ for quick import process

How to Transfer Photos from Iphone to Pc Windows 10

One of the simplest ways to transfer photos from an iPhone to a PC running Windows 10 is through the Photos app. All you need to do is connect your phone to your computer via USB, open the Photos app on Windows 10, select “Import,” then choose which photos you want to import and click “Continue.” Your photos will be transferred over in no time!

How Do I Transfer All Media from My Iphone?

Transferring all the media from your iPhone is a fairly straightforward process. To begin, you will need to connect your iPhone to your computer using either a USB cable or Wi-Fi connection. Once connected, you can open iTunes and select the “File” option at the top of the screen to choose which type of data you would like to transfer from your phone.

You have several options here: photos, music, videos, books or other types of files. After selecting what type of content you want to transfer, simply click “Sync” and wait for the transfer process to complete. Depending on how much media is being transferred it could take some time but once finished you should be able to access all your new media on both your computer and phone!

What is the Best App to Transfer Media from Iphone to Pc?

The best app to transfer media from iPhone to PC is iMyFone TunesMate. It offers a wide range of features, including the ability to easily transfer music, movies, playlists, photos and more between your iPhone and computer with just one click. The interface is extremely user-friendly with intuitive drag-and drop options for easy selection and transferring of files.

Additionally, it supports both Windows & Mac computers making compatibility issues a non-issue. Moreover, you can even preview before transferring any file so that only desired items are transferred thus saving time & space on your device’s memory as well as hard drive.

How to Transfer All Data from Iphone to Computer Without Itunes?

If you want to transfer all data from your iPhone to a computer without using iTunes, there are several third-party apps that can help. One of the most popular is iMyFone D-Port, which allows you to quickly and easily transfer photos, music, videos, contacts and other types of data from your iPhone to either a Mac or Windows PC. It also supports selective file transfers so you don’t have to worry about backing up all of your files if you only need certain ones.

Additionally, it has features like restoring an iTunes backup without overwriting existing content on the phone as well as creating encrypted backups for extra security. You can even preview files before transferring them so that you know what exactly is going over. With its intuitive user interface and simple setup process, it makes transferring data between your devices easier than ever before!

Why Can’T I Transfer Photos from Iphone to Pc?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. The most common issue is that the device isn’t properly connected or configured for transfer. You’ll need an Apple Lightning cable, and your phone must be unlocked in order to make the connection.

Additionally, if you’re using a Windows computer, you may also need iTunes installed so that it can recognize the iPhone as an external drive. Lastly, keep in mind that certain file types such as HEIC images can only be transferred with third-party software like iMazing or Dropbox due to compatibility issues between iOS and Windows systems.


In conclusion, transferring media from iPhone to PC is a straightforward process that can take only minutes of your time. With the help of iCloud and an iTunes backup, you can easily transfer all of your photos, videos, music and other content from one device to another. Additionally, using third-party software such as iMyFone or dr.fone will make the process even faster and more convenient while providing greater control over the data that is being transferred.

No matter which method you choose for this task, we hope it has been helpful in getting all your media safely moved over!

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