How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to a New iPhone

1. On the old iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud and sign in with your Apple ID.

2. Tap “Contacts” and make sure that it is set to “On” (green).

3. Connect both iPhones to iTunes on a computer using their USB cables.

4. Select the old iPhone from the list of devices in iTunes then click the Info tab located at the top right-hand corner of the window .

5. Check the “Sync Contacts With” option and select “iCloud“. Click Apply or Sync button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen

6. Disconnect both iPhones when sync is complete

7. On the new iPhone, sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID used for the old phone

8 . Turn on Contacts for syncing

9 . Wait a few minutes for contacts to transfer 

3 Ways How To Transfer Contacts From Old iPhone to New iPhone

  • Step 1: Connect both iPhones to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of iOS installed on both devices
  • Step 2: On your old iPhone, open Settings and select your Apple ID at the top of the page
  • Select iCloud from the list and make sure Contacts is set to “on” in order for contacts to be synced with iCloud
  • Step 3: On your new iPhone, sign into iCloud using your Apple ID and password
  • Open Settings > [your name] > iCloud and make sure Contacts is also set to “on”
  • Step 4: When prompted on your new iPhone, select Merge when asked if you want to keep or delete duplicate contacts from both phones
  • This will ensure that any duplicates are removed while keeping all other contact information intact between both devices

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone With Icloud

Using iCloud to transfer your contacts from one iPhone to another is an easy and quick way. To begin, make sure both iPhones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, open the Settings app on your old iPhone and select “iCloud”.

Make sure that Contacts is turned on in the list of options. On your new iPhone, open Settings and log into the same iCloud account as before. Select “Contacts” again and toggle it on if it isn’t already enabled.

After a few minutes, all of your contacts should be transferred over!

Can I Just Transfer My Contacts to My New iPhone?

Yes, you can easily transfer your contacts to a new iPhone. Apple provides iCloud sync which allows you to back up and store all of your contact information securely in the cloud. You can then restore any data that was backed up on another device, including contacts.

Additionally, if you are upgrading from an older model phone to a newer iPhone, there is also an option within iTunes to transfer all data from one device to another. It’s important that both devices have the latest version of iOS installed before attempting this process in order for it to be successful.

How Do I Transfer Contacts from Iphone to New Iphone Without Icloud?

The best way to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another without using iCloud is to use a third-party app. There are several apps available that can help you do this, such as dr. fone – Phone Transfer or CopyTrans Contacts. Both of these apps allow you to easily transfer your contacts between iPhones with just a few clicks and without the need for iCloud.

Once downloaded, simply connect both devices via a USB cable and follow the prompts within the app’s interface. After transferring your contacts, make sure to check that all of them have been transferred correctly before disconnecting both phones.

How Do I Transfer My Contacts to My New Phone?

If you’re looking to transfer your contacts from an old phone to a new one, there are several ways to do it. First, many phones today come with cloud services like Google or Apple’s iCloud that allow you to back up and sync all of your data across devices. If both of your phones have this service enabled, it should be as simple as signing into the same account on both phones and downloading the data.

Another way is by using a USB cable to connect your old phone directly to the new one; you can then use specialized software (like Samsung Smart Switch) designed specifically for contact transfers. Thirdly, if neither of these methods works for you, some carriers offer contact transferring services through their websites or apps – just check out their customer support page for more information!


The process of transferring contacts from one iPhone to another can seem daunting, but with the right tools and a few simple steps, it’s surprisingly easy. From using iCloud to downloading third-party applications for assistance, there are many options available that make this task easier than ever. As long as you have access to both devices and a reliable internet connection, you’ll be able to transfer your contacts in no time.

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