How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer Without iCloud

To transfer contacts from an iPhone to a computer without iCloud, you will need to use iTunes. First, connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Next, select your device in the sidebar and then click on the “Info” tab.

Under this tab, check the box next to “Sync Contacts with” and choose Windows Address Book or Outlook depending on which one you have installed on your PC. Finally, click “Apply” at the bottom of the window and wait for all your contacts to be synced with your PC address book application. This process may take some time depending upon how many contacts are stored in your phone but it should eventually complete successfully after which you can access all those contact details in that specific address book application on your computer.

[2 Ways] How to Export Contacts from iPhone to Computer without iTunes (PC&Mac)

  • Install iTunes on Your Computer: First, you need to download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
  • Once installed, open the program and connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable
  • Back-Up Your Contacts: With your device connected, click on “Backup Now” in iTunes to create an updated backup file for your contacts which will be stored in iCloud or on your computer depending upon what settings you have selected
  • 3
  • Export Contacts from iCloud: If you made a backup with iCloud then log into iCloud
  • com from any web browser and select the ‘Contacts’ folder located at the bottom left corner of the screen after logging in
  • Select all contacts by clicking the checkbox next to each contact name; click the gear icon (settings) at the bottom-left corner of the window > select Export vCard(you can also export them as CSV)
  • This will save all of these contacts as one VCF file that can easily be imported into other applications like Gmail or Outlook etc
  • Import Contacts Into Your Email Client: Once done exporting, load up whatever email client you are using (Gmail/Outlook, etc) and import this VCF file containing all contact information into it by going through its import wizard section

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer With USB

Transferring contacts from an iPhone to a computer with a USB cable is simple and straightforward. First, plug the USB cable into your iPhone and then plug it into the computer. Once connected, open iTunes on your computer if you are using a Mac or Windows PC.

On iTunes, click the “Info” tab and check off the “Sync Contacts with” option. Next select where you want to sync contacts from (in this case it will be your iPhone). Finally, click “Apply” at the bottom right corner of the iTunes window to transfer all contacts from your iPhone to the computer.

How Do I Copy My Contacts from my iPhone to my Computer?

Copying contacts from an iPhone to a computer is relatively easy. You can use either the iCloud website or iTunes to make the transfer. To do it with iCloud, go to Settings on your iPhone and select ‘iCloud’; then tap ‘Contacts’ and toggle on ‘iCloud Backup’ if it hasn’t already been enabled.

Then open up iCloud in a web browser, log in with your Apple ID, select Contacts, and choose ‘Export vCard’. This will save all of your contacts as one file which you can email yourself or save directly onto your computer. Alternatively, if you have iTunes installed on both devices, plug in your iPhone and click File > Devices > Transfer Purchases from [your device].

This will copy over all content purchased through iTunes including any contact information saved onto the phone itself.

How Do I Export My Entire Contact List from my iPhone?

To export your entire contact list from your iPhone, you can use iCloud or a third-party app. Using iCloud, open the Contacts app and select “All Contacts” in the top left corner. Select all contacts by tapping on one of them, then pressing “Select All” at the bottom left corner.

Tap on the Share button (square with an arrow pointing upward) and choose Mail to send yourself a vCard file containing all of your contacts. Alternatively, you can download a third-party app such as My Contacts Backup which allows for easy exporting of your contact list into various formats such as .vcf or. CSV files.

How Do I Export All Contacts from Iphone Without Icloud?

If you want to export all of your contacts from your iPhone without using iCloud, there are several different options available. The simplest solution is to use an app such as My Contacts Backup or CopyTrans Contacts which will allow you to quickly and easily transfer all of your contacts directly from your phone onto a computer. Other apps like PhoneView will also allow you to transfer the information in various formats including vCard, Excel, HTML, and more.

Once transferred, you can then save the file somewhere safe for future reference or share it with others if needed.

How to Transfer Contacts from Iphone to Iphone Without Icloud Or Computer?

Transferring contacts from one iPhone to another can be done without an iCloud or computer in a few simple steps. First, open the Contacts app on your old iPhone and tap “Groups” at the top of the page. Select “All On My iPhone” and then select all of the contacts you would like to transfer by tapping them individually or selecting multiple contacts at once when prompted.

Once finished, click “Share Contact” which will bring up a list of available options including messaging apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp. Select your desired option and send it to yourself (or whoever you are transferring your contacts too). When they receive it, have them open the message on their new iPhone device and save each contact individually by clicking “Add to Existing Contact” if they already exist in their address book or “Create New Contact” if they don’t exist yet.

That’s it!


This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of how to transfer contacts from an iPhone to a computer without using iCloud. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can easily sync and back up their contact information directly from their iPhones. This allows them to keep track of important contacts, addresses, and numbers even if they do not have access to iCloud or other online services.

Ultimately, transferring contacts from an iPhone to a computer is simple and straightforward with the help of the methods discussed here.


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