How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Mac Computer

To transfer contacts from an iPhone to a Mac computer, you’ll need to use the iCloud service. First, open the Settings app on your iPhone and select your name at the top of the screen. Next, tap iCloud and make sure Contacts is turned on.

Then open System Preferences on your Mac computer, select iCloud, and sign in with your Apple ID if prompted. Finally, check the box next to Contacts and wait for all of your contacts to sync between devices. Your contacts should now be accessible both on your iPhone and MacBook.

How to Sync Contacts From iPhone to Mac

  • Step 1: Connect iPhone to Mac Computer using USB Cable
  • Once the phone is connected, it will automatically open iTunes on your Mac computer
  • Step 2: Select the Device Icon at the top of the iTunes Window
  • Once you have selected the device icon, a list of options will appear in the left-side menu bar under the “Settings” section
  • Step 3: Choose “Info” from the Settings Menu and then checkmark the “Sync Contacts with” option and select your desired contact application (for example Outlook or Address Book)
  • Finally, click Apply button located at the bottom right corner of the iTunes window to initiate the transfer process
  • Step 4: Wait for a few minutes until the sync process is completed and then disconnect your iPhone from your Mac computer once prompted by the iTunes application

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Mac With Usb

Transferring contacts from your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable is an easy process. All you need is the Lightning or 30-pin USB cable that came with your phone and the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. Simply connect your phone to the computer, open iTunes, select “Info” in the left pane, and check off “Sync Contacts With“.

Select whichever contact management software you use and then click “Apply”. Your contacts will be transferred over to your Mac quickly and easily!

How Do I Export Contacts from iPhone to Mac?

Exporting contacts from your iPhone to your Mac is actually quite simple. With the help of iCloud, you can easily transfer all of your contact information from one device to another with just a few clicks. First, make sure that you have enabled iCloud Contacts on both devices and that they are connected to the same Apple ID account.

On your iPhone, open Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud and turn on Contacts. Then go back into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select Default Account under Contacts; set it as iCloud if it isn’t already selected. Now all you need to do is sync your device so that everything transfers over – open iTunes on your Mac (or connect via USB) and click “Sync”.

That’s it! Your contacts should now be available directly in the address book application or through other applications like iMessage or FaceTime where they are needed.

How Can I Copy My Iphone Contacts to My Computer?

If you want to copy your iPhone contacts to your computer, you can do so by using iCloud. First, make sure that iCloud is enabled on both devices and that they are signed into the same Apple ID. Then open the Contacts app on your iPhone and tap “iCloud” in order to sync all of your contacts with iCloud.

Once this is done, go onto your computer and log into with the same Apple ID associated with the phone. Under “Contacts,” select “All Contacts” and then click on the gear icon in order to select which information will be exported from each contact card as a .csv file (this can include names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

Finally hit “Export vCard” and save it somewhere easily accessible like a Downloads or Desktop folder!

How Do I Export My Entire Contact List from my iPhone?

Exporting your entire contact list from your iPhone is a relatively straightforward process. To do so, you will first need to open the Contacts app on your device. Once opened, tap the Groups option at the top of the screen and select All Contacts.

Then, click on Settings in the top right corner and choose Export vCard. This will allow you to save all of your contacts into a single file that can be easily transferred or shared with other devices or services.

How Do I Export Contacts to My Mac?

Exporting contacts to a Mac is easy using the Contacts app. To export your contacts, open the Contacts app and select File > Export > Export vCard… from the menu bar. Choose where you want to save your exported file and click Save.

The exported file will be saved as a .vcf format that can be imported into most contact applications on both Macs and PCs. You may also want to back up your contacts in iCloud or another cloud service for future use.


Transferring your contacts from an iPhone to a Mac computer can be a great way to keep all of your important contact information in one place. By following the steps outlined above, you should now understand how to easily transfer contacts from your iPhone to a Mac computer. With this new knowledge, you will be able to quickly and effectively move your contact information between devices whenever needed.

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