How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Sim

In order to transfer contacts from an iPhone to a SIM card, you’ll need an adapter that allows the iPhone’s Lightning port to fit into a standard SIM card slot. Once you have the adapter, open Settings on your iPhone and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. Tap the “Import SIM Contacts” button at the bottom of the list and wait for your phone to finish importing all of your contacts onto the SIM card.

When it is finished transferring, remove the adapter and insert it into another device with a compatible SIM card slot in order to access all of your transferred contact information.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select “Contacts
  • Tap “Export Contacts” to open a window with two options: “All Contacts” or “Selected Groups,” which allows you to transfer only certain groups of contacts from the phone’s list
  • Select either option, then choose “vCard” as the export file format, which is compatible with SIM cards used in most phones today
  • This will create a VCF file containing all of your contacts’ information that can be transferred to your SIM card
  • Remove the SIM card from its slot in your iPhone and insert it into an adapter designed for this purpose (these are available at many stores)
  • Then plug the adapter into an SD card reader connected to your computer via USB cable or another connection port type, depending upon what type of reader you have purchased
  • Copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop the VCF contact file onto the SIM card icon found within My Computer on Windows computers or Finder if using a Mac system; wait until the transfer is complete before unplugging any cables/devices involved in this process
  • Once finished transferring contacts, remove your newly updated SIM card from both devices and return it to its original spot within your iPhone for use once again

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone 6S to Sim Card

If you want to copy contacts from your iPhone 6s to a SIM card, the process is relatively straightforward. You’ll need an adapter that will allow you to connect the SIM card and iPhone 6s to each other. Once connected, open the Contacts app on your iPhone and select all of the contacts that you want to transfer onto your SIM card.

Finally, click “Export vCard” at the bottom left corner of the screen and wait for it to finish transferring all of your selected contacts over onto your SIM card.


How Do I Copy Contacts from Iphone to Sim?

Copying contacts from your iPhone to a SIM card is relatively simple. First, go into the Contacts app on your iPhone and select the contacts you would like to copy onto the SIM card. Then use an adapter such as Apple’s Lightning-to-SIM Card reader to connect the two devices together.

Once connected, open up your phone’s settings menu and find “Import/Export Contacts” or “Transfer Contacts”. Select that option and then choose “Copy from SIM“. This will allow you to transfer all of your selected contacts directly onto the new SIM card.

Once complete, disconnect both devices, remove the old SIM card if necessary, insert the new one into your device, and voila! Your contacts should now be transferred over successfully!

How Do I Save All My Contacts to My Sim Card?

If you have contacts stored on your phone, it’s easy to save them all onto your SIM card. Start by going into the Contacts section of your device and selecting ‘Manage Contacts’. Next, choose the option that allows you to copy or export all of your contacts.

Depending on what type of phone you have, this may be called Export Contact List or Copy Contacts To SIM Card. Select this option and wait for all of the contacts to move over. Once they are finished transferring, go back into Manage Contacts and uncheck any that weren’t saved properly so they won’t transfer again when saving in the future.

That’s it – now you’ve successfully saved all of your contacts onto your SIM card!

How Do I Export Contacts From my iPhone?

Exporting contacts from an iPhone is a very simple process. To start, open the Contacts app on your device and tap the Groups tab at the top of the screen. You’ll then see a list of all your contact groups; select the group you want to export.

Once selected tap Settings in the upper-right corner and choose Export vCard from that menu. Finally, choose where you’d like to save this file (e.g., iCloud Drive, Dropbox) and hit Export — that’s it! All your contacts will be saved as one.

vcf file which can then easily be imported into other services or devices.

How Do I Move Contacts from a Phone to Sim on a Sim Card?

If you want to transfer contacts from your phone to a SIM card, the process is fairly simple. First, open up your Contacts app and select all of the contacts you’d like to move over. Then, go into Settings > Backup & Reset and select “Copy Contacts To SIM Card.”

You may be prompted for a password if you have one enabled on your device; enter it when asked. Finally, wait for the transfer process to complete before removing your SIM card from its slot in the phone. Once inserted into another compatible device, all of those contacts should now appear in their address book!


Transferring contacts from an iPhone to a SIM card is quite simple and can be done in just a few steps. First, turn off the iPhone before inserting the SIM card into the phone. Then, open iTunes and select Restore Backup followed by selecting Contacts Only.

Finally, remove the SIM card from your device and insert it into your new phone. By following these steps you will have successfully transferred all of your contacts over to your new phone quickly and easily! With this method, there’s no need to manually transfer each contact one by one or worry about potentially losing data during the process.

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