How to Transfer Music From Android to iPhone?

This post on how to transfer music from Android to iPhone will be useful if you perhaps want to copy an entire playlist from one Android smartphone to another iPhone device.

Unlike when moving content between Android devices, transferring music from Android to iOS is not a straightforward process.

But this post, however, explains how you can copy music between these two different devices.

How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone?

How to Transfer Music From Android to iPhone

This method requires you first to move the particular music to your computer then later sync it to your iOS device. For the howto, follow the instructions below.

Create a new folder on your Mac computer. Let’s use this folder to keep and separate the music in question from other files on your computer.

1. Download Android file transfer on your Mac from the official website. This application is compatible with MAC OS 10.7 or more recent versions. Follow the guide on the download page for installation instructions.

2. Next, connect your Android device to your Mac using a data transfer cable.

3. Copy the music from your Android device to the folder you created earlier on your computer. Then disconnect your Android device.

4. Now open iTunes on your Mac.

5. From the top bar, click “File” and then select “Add File to Library.”Locate and add the music to your iTunes library.

6. With your music in the iTunes library, connect to your iPhone device. Relax as you let the computer detects your iPhone.

7. Now from your Mac computer, go to the iPhone’s music tab. Then enable the “Sync music” option. Next, select the music you want moving.

8. In the bottom right screen, click “Apply” to complete the sync.

Note that I used the “term” iPhone throughout the steps. Please note that the method will also work for any iOS device such as iPod touch or iPad.

Transfer music using a streaming app:

Most people nowadays stream music rather than downloading them. If you’re one of those people and would love to enjoy your favorite playlist on both Android and iOS, never worry as you can always take your music with you.

Take Spotify for example. Spotify lets you access your content from any device and from anywhere.

To make use of this feature, just save your favorite music to a particular playlist on Spotify.

Next, download Spotify to your iPhone or other iOS devices. To download the app, follow the below instructions.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Search for “Spotify” without the quotes.
  3. Download the app to your iPhone.

You can now log in to Spotify on your device and keep streaming your favorite playlists.

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