How to Upload Photos to Google Drive From Android?

Do you have some important pictures or albums you’d like to move to Google Drive from your Android device? Then this post on how to upload photos to google drive from Android will help you do the job quickly and easily.

For this task, you’ll need to have the Google Drive app on your device, which always comes pre-installed on almost every tablet or smartphone that runs Android. If you already have the app, then jump into the main tutorial.

Upload Photos To Google Drive From Android

But if you don’t have the app already installed, navigate to the Play Store on your device and search for “Google Drive.” Install the app as you normally would with other apps.

How to upload photos to Google Drive from Android?

Navigate to your photos or gallery app.


Upload Photos To Google Drive

Long tap the photo or several you want to upload.

Tap the share icon, which is usually placed at the bottom screen.

Select “Save to Drive” from the options displayed.

If the system asks for storage permission, “Allow” it. If not, proceed to the next step.

Before saving to Drive, choose the Google account and Drive folder where you want the photos stored. After that, tap “Save.”

Upload Directly to Google Drive:

From your app lists, open Google Drive.

Google drive

In the lower right screen, tap the + icon.

Then tap the upload icon.

Google drive

Locate the folder where your images are saved.

Google drive

Tap the image and choose “Open” found in the upper right corner. If you have multiple photos, long-press the first one until a checkmark appears, then tap on all other images before clicking “Open.”

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