How to Use Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is often referred to as one of the most profitable ways to invest.  With its help, it is indeed possible to significantly increase capital.

But there are also stories when people have lost their savings. Such investors then say that all Bitcoins are cheating.


Where’s the truth? The truth is that in order to make money on cryptocurrency or to use it at all, it is important to understand how it works. The team of Switchere service, where it is very easy to buy bitcoin with the credit card or debit, tells you all the details.

What’s Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is money that is created by computing large computers.  Machines run on Blockchain technology, which can be imagined as a huge database with all the records of calculations.

Computing processes are called mining. The result of mining for Blockchain is a solution to the problem, and for the user – Bitcoin (BTC) coins to the account. But the calculations are very slow and require a lot of power, so it is not so easy for the average user to do it.

How to Get Bitcoin Besides Using Mining Method

Bitcoin, like any other currency, can be bought in exchange for another currency. The principle of the purchase is the same as for the euro to dollar exchange. It means you can easily buy BTC with a Visa card or buy BTC with Mastercard.

For this purpose, you can use an online instant exchange service such as Switchere. It is the easiest way. This is how it works:

  1. You register on the website. Registration is fast, provides verification of user id, and protects against fraudsters. A secure site cannot offer exchange anonymously.

  2. Through the calculator, you will know how much you will get after the conversion. Exchange via Switchere works without hidden fees, so the number is the amount you will get on your wallet.

  3. Through the converter, you enter the number of the bank card from which the “usual” money (USD, EUR, or other) will be gotten from and the address of the wallet to which bitcoins instantly will be credited.

Be careful with other sites offering similar services. Reliable service where you can convert crypto:

  • Does not offer “best” and “lowest” rates. The exchange rate should not differ from the market rate at any other place.

  • It allows you to buy and sell different cryptos, not only bitcoins but also, for example, EST.

  • Does not ask you to pay before the exchange. For example, demand some prepaid consultations.

  • Ask you to send your private information to confirm your personality.

  • Has an easy and quick system.

  • Does not have a hidden fee.

What Can You Do With the Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are the same money as the euro with dollars. It is not yet accepted everywhere, but many goods and services can already be bought for it.

And, of course, you can make money on the crypto. So you can resell it through Switchere when its exchange rate rises.

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