How to Use Scribble in Onenote

If you find yourself needing to take quick notes or jot down a few ideas, Microsoft OneNote has a feature called Scribble that lets you do just that. Using a digital pen or your finger, you can handwrite notes and draw sketches right in OneNote. Best of all, once you’ve written something, OneNote can convert it to typed text so you can easily search and edit your handwritten notes later on.

Here’s how to use Scribble in OneNote.

  • Start by opening the Onenote app and selecting the notebook you want to use
  • Tap on the page you want to add your scribble to
  • In the top toolbar, select the Draw tab (it looks like a pen)
  • Then, select the Scribble tool (it looks like a pencil)
  • Use your finger or a stylus to start drawing on the page
  • To change colors, tap on the color palette in the top toolbar and select your desired color
  • To save your scribble, simply tap anywhere else on the screen or press the back button

How Do I Turn on Scribble on Onenote?

If you’re using a pen with your OneNote notebook, you may find it helpful to enable the scribble feature. This will allow you to draw or write directly on your notes without having to use the keyboard.

Here’s how to turn on scribble mode in OneNote:

  1. Open your notebook and select the page where you want to enable scribble mode.
  2. Click the View tab at the top of the page.
  3. In the Show group, click Scribble Mode.
  4. Your notebook will now be in scribble mode and you can start writing or drawing directly on the page!

Can You Write With Apple Pencil in Onenote?

Apple Pencil is a great tool for taking notes and drawing diagrams in OneNote. It is very precise and responsive, making it easy to create detailed illustrations or handwritten notes.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using Apple Pencil with OneNote.

First, make sure that the tip of the pencil is properly calibrated. If it is not, the line will appear jagged or broken.

Second, be aware that the pencil can only be used on certain types of paper.

If you’re using standard printer paper, the ink may bleed through to the other side.

Third, remember to save your work often! OneNote has a tendency to crash occasionally, so it’s always good to have a backup just in case.

Overall, Apple Pencil is an excellent tool for taking notes and drawing diagrams in OneNote. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create beautiful illustrations and handwritten notes with ease!

How Do I Enable Scribble?

If you want to use the Scribble feature in Windows 10, you first need to make sure that your device has a digital pen or stylus. Once you’ve confirmed that, open the Settings app and go to Devices > Pen & Windows Ink. Under the “Pen” section, there’s a toggle for “Enable ink nearby.”

Turn this on, and then restart your device. Once it comes back up, you should be able to start using Scribble.

Can You Handwrite in Onenote?

Yes, you can handwrite in OneNote! In fact, OneNote is designed for handwritten notes and sketches. The digital ink technology in OneNote makes your handwriting look natural and realistic.

And because OneNote syncs across all of your devices, you can start writing on one device and continue on another. OneNote also has a number of features that make handwriting even more powerful. For example, you can convert your handwritten notes to text.

Or you can search for specific words or phrases in your handwritten notes. You can also add audio recordings to your notes and play them back later. If you’re looking for a great way to take handwritten notes, give OneNote a try!

How to Use Scribble in Onenote Ipad

If you’re an iPad user and you want to get the most out of Microsoft OneNote, then you should definitely check out the Scribble feature. With Scribble, you can use your finger or a stylus to write directly on your screen and have those handwritten notes converted into text.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Scribble in OneNote for iPad:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of OneNote installed on your iPad. You can find this in the App Store.
  2. Open up a notebook if you want to take some notes. If you don’t have any notebooks created yet, tap on the “+” icon in the top-right corner to create one.
  3. On the page that you want to start taking notes on, tap on the “Scribble” icon located at the top (it looks like a pencil). Alternatively, you can just start writing anywhere on the page with your finger or stylus and OneNote will automatically switch over to Scribble mode for you.
  4. Start writing! As soon as you start writing, OneNote will begin converting your handwriting into text in real time so that anyone else viewing the page will be able to read it easily (assuming they can read your handwriting, of course). If at any point you make a mistake or want to erase something, just tap on the “Erase” icon located at the top of the screen (it looks like a rubber eraser).

To exit Scribble mode and go back to typing normally, just tap on the “X” icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.


If you find yourself doodling in the margins of your notes more often than not, Microsoft OneNote has a handy feature called Scribble that lets you draw right on top of your notes. Here’s how to use it.

First, open up the note that you want to scribble on in OneNote.

Then, select the Draw tab at the top of the window and choose Ink Settings from the menu. In the Ink Settings window, make sure that Enable Press and Hold to Erase are checked off.

Now you’re ready to start drawing!

To draw, simply hover your mouse over the area where you want to start drawing and click and hold down the left mouse button. As you move your mouse around, you’ll see a line being drawn behind it. To change the color of your pen or pencil, just click on one of the colored squares in the palette at the bottom of the window.

When you’re finished drawing, just release the left mouse button and your drawing will be saved as an image file in OneNote. You can then move or resize it just like any other image file in OneNote. And that’s all there is to using Scribble in OneNote!

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