How to Write a Paper Using Only Smartphone Applications

Digital technologies surround our lives, and few people can imagine their routines without it. Students especially need the help of smartphones today, when most educational processes flow online. After the lockdown, distance learning has taken on new meaning, so we want to present essential online tools to make your homework easier.

Write a Paper Using Only Smartphone Applications


Smartphone Applications


Usually, students write papers without knowing how to do it well. In this case, they need to get inspiration from experienced writers on WritingCheap college sources or read particular blogs for students. There are also many applications that will help make your learning process effortless. Let’s see which tools are the best for writing papers!

1. Docs To Go

It is difficult to imagine writing a paper on a phone without the right software.
Download Docs To Go and create a good workflow. Open and edit texts in different formats such as Word 97-2016 docs, PDF files, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other Microsoft Office files for free.

Connect with a cloud account like Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive, or Dropbox. Enjoy the benefits of the inbuilt InTact Technology, which keeps the original formatting of edited files. Rest assured that you won’t worry about your paper getting distorted.

2. Google Drive

Get one of the most famous free cloud storage platforms to keep your drafts in a safe place. This is a cross-platform application and works on any mobile operating system. Find your content easily by name, and track the activity of the files. You can also view files offline if needed.

Create a shareable link to send your files to peers or teachers. Adjust who can see your files or add functions to comment or edit them. This cloud is one of the most convenient to use because of the quick access to recent files, so you don’t need to waste your time looking for them.

3. Google Docs

If you can’t find a universal text editor, pay attention to this Google product. Google Docs is one of the most highly demanded tools for students to write papers. Make a quick draft or start a full version of your paper by creating a blank document with a full range of functions.

This app helps you open, edit, and save in over seven text formats, and you can add links and images to existing documents. Get benefits with extra tools such as spelling and grammar check, word count, voice typing, and even a script editor for a paper on technical disciplines.

4. Citation Maker

Students often get higher marks for their papers when they format them properly. For this purpose, we recommend using Citation Maker! This tool is helpful if you write papers according to APA or MLA format.

When you need to refer to a book, article, journal, video, or document, you will get a beautiful and simple layout of APA or MLA citation styles. See your citation in real-time as you type. Avoid missing something such as the author’s name, book’s title, edition, volume, publisher, year, and cited pages. Meet academic standards without effort!

5. Skandy

Make your paper one of the most impressive in your class! And the main secret of a good paper is uniqueness. Now it is easy to follow with Skandy. It is a handy plagiarism checker that analyzes your texts in more than 14 popular formats. Skandy also includes the possibility to check pictures in JPG, TIFF, and PNG format.

Use the plagiarism checking system for free with no distracting commercials. Make your college papers even easier with a beneficial feature to convert images to text. Avoid doubts about your originality!

6.  Grammarly Keyboard

One of the most crucial tools for writing papers in English is Grammarly. Download this grammar checker with a built-in keyboard to write with no mistakes on your phone. It is useful for students who like to track their grammar on the go.

Stay confident in your text quality and advance your paper with proper punctuation, contextual spelling suggestions, grammar correction, and vocabulary improvements.

7.  Write 3

If you need to transfer handwritten text to digital, there is no better tool than Write 3 to process your written pages! This is an extended version of the Write application that helps students to attain tremendous studying results. Customize your presets, write, add images, take notes from videos and websites, and more!

These seven applications reveal the secret of success when writing papers. Be the best student by choosing the right educational tools for your phone!

the best student by choosing the right educational tools for your phone!

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