How to Import Photos from iPhone or iPad to PC?

How to Import Photos from iPhone or iPad to PC- Easy Tips For Beginners

You are blessed. Do you know why?

Because you are the user of iPhone. Of course, using iPhone is of great comfort. It renders a smooth user experience in every term. Besides, an iPhone offers number of features to the users.


Capturing photos is one of the preferable tasks of the users. In fact, the iPhone has number of photography options. So, if you are a photographer, it’s a great option for you.

However, do you know How to Import Photos from iPhone or iPad to PC?

Unless you know the process, you cannot import your photos to your computer. Not to worry. This is not a rocket science. You can easily import photos from your devices to your PC. Let’s check the process here.

How to Import Photos from iPhone or iPad to PC?

It’s one of the easiest tasks. Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Connect your phone to PC

At first, you will have to connect your iPhone with your computer through a USB cable. Make sure that your cable is able to transfer data.

Step 2

Unlock your iPhone

If you do not unlock your iPhone, it will not be available on your computer. Your computer will not identify the device if it is locked.

Step 3

Press the Start button on your computer. Now, select Photos. It will open the Photos app. Then, select Import from a USB device. And follow the instructions there. Wait for a few moments. The photos will be imported to your computer.

Why iPhone For Photography?

Do you know the key reasons for using iPhone for photography?

There are hundreds of reasons. You know, the camera of an iPhone is one of the best ones. And they capture photos like professional camera. However, you need to follow certain methods for the photography.

Bright Lens

First of all, iPhones arrive with bright lenses. Most of the lenses of iPhone are bright. The brightness differs based on models. Even you can use the device in low light for photography. Therefore, the photos always look bright, smart and eye-catchy.

Easy Focus

Moreover, you can easily focus on photo subjects using an iPhone camera. The camera has a touch to focus option. Thus, you can set the focus by touching the phone screen. However, this feature is absent in the usual professional cameras.

Smart Image Quality

At the same time, the image quality of iPhones is up to the mark. The exposure and other photographic features are accurate. Hence, you can have the most perfect picture with the best lighting and exposures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use photo apps on iPhone?

Of course, there are a good number of photo apps available for iPhone. You can use the apps to edit your photos, add filters and make corrections. Interestingly, most of the apps are avaialable for free. Besides, the apps can improve the functionality of your iPhone camera.

How to Import Photos from iPhone or iPad to PC?

Importing photos from iPhone isn’t a big deal. Simply, follow the steps mentioned in this post. You will get a comprehensive idea about the matter.

Are there any shortcomings of iPhone cameras?

To be frank, there are a couple of shortcomings available in iPhone cameras. The camera censor is relatively smaller. Usually, if the camera censor size is big, it has some positive impacts on the photos. And if the censor is smaller, the photo quality is not improved that much.

Moreover, if you use zoom while clicking the photos, you cannot get a quality print.

Last words

So, this was all about How to Import Photos from iPhone or iPad to PC. Here, I have explained all the necessary facts that you needed to know. The additional information will also help you explore your iPhone more intensively.

However, if you have any more queries, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you. And thank you for reading this post.

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