Is There a Free Version of Excel For Windows 10?

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that comes with many features and options. The most recent version, Excel 2016, is available for purchase from Microsoft. But what if you’re using an older version of Windows, or you can’t afford the purchase price?

Is there a free version of Excel for Windows 10? The answer is yes! There are several ways to get your hands on a free copy of Excel for Windows 10.

One way is to download the Office 365 trial. This will give you access to all the latest features and options in Excel 2016. However, it’s only free for 30 days.

Another way is to download the free trial of Office 365 Home Premium. This gives you access to all the features of Office 365, including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, but again, it’s only free for 30 days.

If you’re looking for a free version of Excel for Windows 10, you might be out of luck. Microsoft Office is a paid suite of productivity tools, and Excel is one of the core applications in that suite. However, there are some alternatives that might fit your needs.

One such alternative is LibreOffice Calc, which is part of the LibreOffice suite. This suite is available for free, and it’s compatible with a number of different operating systems, including Windows 10. Calc offers many of the same features as Excel, so it might be worth checking out if you’re on a budget.

Another option is Google Sheets, which is part of the Google Drive productivity Suite. Google Drive is free to use with a Google account, and it offers a variety of features similar to those found in Microsoft Office. If you’re already using other Google products like Gmail or Calendar, then Sheets might be a good choice since it integrates well with those services.

Ultimately, there’s no completely free version of Excel for Windows 10 that I’m aware of. However, there are some cost-effective alternatives that offer similar functionality. So if you’re looking to save some money on your productivity tools, definitely check out LibreOffice Calc or Google Sheets.

How Do I Get Excel for Free on Windows 10?

Microsoft Office 365 is available for free to students enrolled in qualifying schools. To get started, visit the Microsoft Office 365 Education site and sign up with your school email address. Once you’ve been verified as a student, you’ll be able to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office for free on your Windows 10 PC or Mac.

If you’re not currently enrolled in a qualifying school, you can still get a free trial of Microsoft Office 365 Home or Personal edition. Just head to the Microsoft Office website and select the Try button for the edition that you’re interested in. You’ll be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account, and then you can choose whether to install the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office on your Windows 10 PC.

Is Microsoft Excel Not Free Anymore?

No, Microsoft Excel is not free anymore. It was free for a while, but now it costs money to use. You can either buy it as part of the Microsoft Office suite, or you can buy it separately.

What is the Best Free Spreadsheet for Windows 10?

There are many free spreadsheet programs for Windows 10, but the best one depends on your needs. If you need a powerful and complex spreadsheet program, Microsoft Excel is the best choice. However, if you just need a simple program to create and edit spreadsheets, Google Sheets is a good option.

There are also several other free spreadsheet programs available, such as OpenOffice Calc and LibreOffice Calc.

How Can I Download Excel on My Laptop for Free?

Assuming you would like tips on how to download Microsoft Excel for free:

1. Check if your laptop already has Microsoft Office installed. If so, open Excel and skip to step 5.

2. Go to the Microsoft Office website and create a free account.

3. Once you’ve signed in, hover over the Products tab and select Get Office from the drop-down menu that appears.

4. On the Get Office page, scroll down and select Try 1 month free under the Office Home & Student 2019 option.

5. Click Install Office > Run when prompted by your browser, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

6. After installation is finished, launch Excel from your computer’s Start menu or Find Features (Windows) / Spotlight (Mac).

Microsoft Excel Free Download for Windows 10

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is available for both Windows and macOS platforms. Excel is a very versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of tasks such as financial analysis, data visualization, and creating pivot tables.

The software also supports macros and VBA programming, which allows users to automate repetitive tasks. The latest version of Excel (2019) includes some new features such as support for dynamic arrays, enhanced conditional formatting, improved charting capabilities, and more.


If you’re looking for a free version of Excel for Windows 10, you might be out of luck. Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet program is not available as a freebie, and there is no official trial version that you can download and use for a set period of time. However, there are some workarounds that you can try if you really need to use Excel but don’t want to shell out the dough for a license

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