How to Make Chrome As Default Browser on iPhone? – Easy Way

Chrome is a magnificent browser. It provides a high-speed browsing experience with a lucrative interface for the users.

The views are almost the same even on a small screen. Especially, when you use an iPhone.

But do you know How to Make Chrome As Default Browser on iPhone?

I guess, most of my readers are unaware of this particular fact. Many of them, in fact, do not even know the name of the browser that opens any link they tap.


Here is the solution. This post tells the ways to set Chrome as the default browser on your device. Let’s dig it out.

Why Chrome?

User-friendliness. Yes, this is the first term that hits the mind. Chrome is a user-friendly web browser. Besides, there are many more positive aspects available. Let’s check them in brief here.

Easy Interface

First of all, the Chrome browser arrives with an easy interface. Anyone without any in-depth technical knowledge can use the browser. Even kids today have the skills to operate Chrome browsers. It happens as the browser is easy to use and the interface is simple.

Speedy Browsing

At the same time, Chrome provides a speedy browsing experience. If you have a moderate internet connection, you can have speedy internet browsing. However, the other contemporary browsers fail to provide this speed. They are heavier and load tons of data at a time. Hence, they are unable to move faster like Chrome.

Tons of Extensions

Only for a smooth internet browsing experience, Chrome has lots of extensions. According to your needs, you can add or remove the extension from the browsers. Also, you can add third-party extensions too.

Safe Browsing

Safety is always a concern for the internet users. Often it is reported that internet users become victims of hacking. It happens when their browsers cannot ensure proper safety and security. But the view is just the opposite with Chrome browsers. It’s safe and strong.

How to Make Chrome As Default Browser on iPhone?

Making Chrome the default browser is a matter of less than a minute.

Step 1: Download Chrome Browser

At first, you have to download the Chrome app on your phone. You can download it from the Apple Store, and it’s free.

Step 2: Launch The Browser

Now you have to launch the browser. Tap on the More option of your browser. Then go to the Settings option.

Now, tap on the Default Browser.

The browser is now your default browser. Whenever you click on any link, the browser will open the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Save My Passwords on Chrome?

Of course, you can. In fact, Chrome browser has the provision to save your passwords, like the other similar browsers.

However, the browser will seek your permission. If you are unwilling to save, you can reject the option. So, there are no issues over security.

However, saving the passwords saves you time. Whenever you want to browse any particular site, it helps you. Also, your time to enter into any personal account is slashed. You do not need to put the login name and password manually.

Can I Block Any Site or Extension?

Chrome is an intelligent browser. When you launch it, the browser will send you notifications over different extensions or apps. It will ask for your permission. If you want to get notifications, you can allow them.

Or if you do not want them, you can close the notification down.

However, mistakenly if you allow them and do not want to see them again, you can take measures. The settings of the browser allow you to revise your decision. At the same time, you can block notifications from any unwanted websites or apps.

Is It Possible to Clear The Browsing History on Chrome?

No doubt that everyone is worried about browsing history. The good news is that you can clear the browsing history. If you know How to Make Chrome As Default Browser on iPhone, you can do this too.

Yes, you can clear all the browsing history of your browser from the beginning of your use.

The browsing history, basically, shows the activities of your internet use. In other words, it counts the websites or pages you visited in the past three months (or 90 days). So, if you want, you can get rid of the listings.


Launch the Chrome browser. Click on More – located top right of the browsing screen. From there, click on the History tab. You will get the browsing data of all time. You need to select them and press delete.

Alternatively, you can also remove any selected item. For that purpose, select the item from the History. Click on the delete button.

Last Words

That’s all about How to Make Chrome As Default Browser on iPhone. The article is filled with lots of interesting and useful information. So, share your experience over the matter. And do not hesitate to post this article on your timeline. Also, you can tweet it.

Use Chrome browser happily!