How to Play Mario Kart DS on Computer or Phone?

Want to relive the nostalgia of playing Mario DS on your PC or phone? Of course, Mario is one of the most celebrated video games across the globe, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to one fine platform i.e. video game consoles (Nintendo or PlayStation) for playing them. Take a step further, and indulge in your never-ending love for Mario by playing the classic game on your very own phone or desktop.


But, the question remains to be the same: how exactly can you play Mario Kart DS on PC or phone? This is where emulators come to the rescue! Available for Windows, Android, and iOS, emulators function as third-party software that emulates the hardware of a video game console. Put it simply, they mimic the hardware of Nintendo, so that you can play original video game titles on any device of your choice.

What Do You Need For Playing Mario Kart DS on PC or Phone? 

Emulators only create a platform where you can launch the game. For playing Mario Kart DS, you also need a genuine copy of the file, which often comes in ROM (read-only memory) format. Specialized hardware is often used for downloading and extracting the data from the ROM files so that the required game data can be obtained in the form of an ISO image.

So, to begin with, there are two important things that you need for playing Mario Kart DS on your phone or PC:

  • Emulator: A compatible emulator that supports the operating system of your device (Android, Windows, or iOS)
  • ROM files: The right Mario Kart DS ROMs that work with your emulator, ensuring it’s able to emulate the game.

What Makes Mario Kart DS Emulator The Best Choice?

Playing Mario Kart DS using an emulator does come with a wide range of advantages, and some of them are:

  1. Better Graphical Quality

The graphical quality that you get with emulation is truly impressive. It does appear a lot better than the original console, and that’s because old consoles had analog video outputs. Hence, with an emulator, you get a stunning representation of the game along with certain enhancements too.

  1. Save States

Want to stop and pick up your Mario Kart DS game from any point? This is possible with the emulator’s save states option, where you get the opportunity to create your checkpoints, instead of having to play the game from the beginning every time.

  1. Rewind or Fast Forward 

Based on the type of console that you choose, there are a few emulators that let you either rewind or fast forward the game as well. It’s a great option for those games that proceed slowly, allowing you to move faster as compared to the original system. With this, you can even skip those long dialogues in-between the game, or move back a few seconds to re-correct your mistakes.

How to Get Emulator and Mario Kart DS ROM Files? 

Both emulator and ROM files are available on the internet, but not all are the same. A good practice is to download Mario Kart DS game from a reliable platform that holds the reputation of providing safe emulator and ROM files in RAR, 7Z files, or ZIP format. Also, depending on the console, you can get ROM files with a specific format. However, if the files contain EXE or APK then delete them immediately, as it might be malware.

The size of ROM files often varies, and the newer the video game console is, the larger will be its size.

Now, that you have the best emulator and ROM files, let’s begin with the steps to transform your PC or phone into an ultimate Nintendo console.

Steps to Play Mario Kart DS on Your Computer or Phone

Here are the steps to follow for playing the Mario Kart DS video game on your phone and PC:

  • Step 1: Download and launch an efficient emulator that works as the video game console hardware.
  • Step 2: Obtain ROM files, and then copy-paste the files in the “ROMS folder”, which is created automatically while downloading the ROM files.
  • Step 3: Open the emulator, and here you have the opportunity to customize the configurations for a better gaming experience.
  • Step 4: Configure the control keys of the emulator to desired settings, and click on ‘Ok’ to apply the settings onto the emulation.
  • Step 5: Look for the ROM file of the game that you want to play. Since you’ve already downloaded Mario Kart DS ROM files, they will appear in the downloaded section.
  • Step 6: Select the ROM file of the game, and there you have it after a few minutes you are ready to play Mario Kart DS on your phone or PC.

How to Manage Common Problems While Emulating Mario Kart DS?

If you experience certain problems while emulating Mario Kart DS, you’re not alone. These problems can be easily resolved. For doing so, take an account of the following points:

  • There are times when the size of the image is too small or too large. This indicates the graphics of the PC are not compatible with the emulator, and this can be managed by configuring the emulator according to the specifications of your device.
  • The emulator experience tends to interfere with images and sounds- that might be because the phone or computer requires a high-performing processor, and so is unable to emulate the game effectively.
  • Once the emulator is launched, the screen remains blank. This might be due to a resolution problem with the monitor and must be adjusted for seamless gaming.

Game On With Emulator and Mario Kart DS ROMs!

You will be amazed by how the emulation capabilities of a good emulator paired with ROMs can make your Mario Kart DS experience even better! Just, follow the simple steps mentioned above, and enjoy not only Mario Kart DS but any popular video console game at the comfort of your PC or phone.

Raymond Williams is a technology writer that lived with computers all his life. He is an expert character that writes articles about Windows, Gaming, Android, and How To Fixes.