Most Popular Game APIs

An API makes it possible for systems to communicate with each other. In that respect, game APIs are used when a developer wants to create a third-party application to retrieve information such as accounts, data, analysis, statistics as well as manage subscriptions, players, rewards, maps, events, and much more.

Most Popular Game APIs

Developers can also use game APIs for both virtual and augmented reality game creation, management of game databases, and betting card interaction.


Popular Game APIs


Some of the best video and gaming APIs that developers can use to enhance their customers’ gaming experiences can be found here. In this article, we will discuss the most popular game APIs we have today.

1. Clash of the Clans API

Clash of the Clans API is used in the Clash of the Clans multiplayer game. In this game, there are clans of players that battle for resources with each other. The API makes it easy for developers to integrate other applications with the Clash of the Clans functions. Some of these functions include player profiles, searches, leader boards, tournaments, and player locations. With the API, developers get real-time data interactions and accessibility. To use the API, a developer needs to have a registered developer account.


The EVE ESI API is used with the EVE online game where players explore more than seven thousand star systems where they play as spaceship pilots. In this game, players can discover new worlds, wage wars, and create new investment ventures. The API is used for third-party integrations with the game to help retrieve information. It comes with esi-test, esi-dev, and production-esi environments.

3. Blizzard APIs

The Blizzard APIs offer developers with many options for games such as Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft II. Developers can get features for gaming design and character development within the Blizzard community.

4. Stream Web API

The Stream Web API is used to access Streamworks features. It comes with public methods usable by any application that can make an HTTP request. It also has some protected methods that cannot be used without authentication. These methods can only be used by trusted backend applications. With this API, players can see which applications are owned by users, verify credentials, retrieve achievements, statistics, and scores as well as perform purchases.

5. Open Game API

The Open Game API is used to access the Open Game database, a gamer community where users can add, edit, and find information regarding video games. This database covers platforms such as Playstation, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android mobile platforms. The API makes it possible for users to get information such as gameplay videos and screenshots of all the games in the database.

6. Day Break Census Data API

The Day Break Census Data API is used with multiplayer games such as Planetside 2, EverQuest I and II, and Landmark that is produced by Daybreak Games. The API allows developers to get any information regarding a game entity or the status of a game directly from Daybreak. It uses RESTful calls and returns responses that are formatted in either JSON or XML formats.

With these APIs, you will easily help your application users become pro gamers. Finally. If you are looking for a game API to use in your system, you will definitely get one that meets your requirements here. Make sure to go through the API documentation before you settle on any of them.