Pc Freezes When Gaming

No problem, if you have brought a new pc and your pc, freezes when gaming. You may have your solution on this page.

Pc Freezes When Gaming

How simple and easy were those days when we all were amazed at simple computers? As modern science upsurges so, we got complicated things. For the PCs, I must say old heavy PCs were awesome on which we play Super Mario-type video games, but now heavy games required compact PCs.

Anyways the affordability of an expensive thing is always making you experienced. This is not important that each expensive thing could be classy; some may make you irritating also, for instance, a gaming pc.

As a professional often video game players come to me, and they say their computer freezes when playing games. In that type of typical complaint, they say that their pc reacts unresponsive by hanging the screen and sucking the mouse or keyboard.

I’m not meant that freezing pc means a pc with ice but means nothing happens or dead response of a pc. In other words, overloading the processor is making your computer freezes while playing games. This type of situation is full of frustration, especially when you are playing a special game and you have not much choice to save it.

Morally there are a few basic reasons for freezing games, please come with me and know something extra!

Computer freezes cause:

1. Overheating

Overheating is not good for even foods then why for pcs? This one is a basic pc issue that occurs due to environmental changes, and for this reason, your game freezes.

Pc Freezes When Gaming

As the CPU is the most sensitive and main part of a computer, when a CPU gets too much hot then, it reacts strangely; produces noise, and even gets shut down.

Normally CPUs are not frank with high temperatures so, I must say please read all the precautions before placing your PC. This you may get an idea about suitable humidity and heating for your pc.

Blocking vents could be the cause of games freezing windows 10. Anyway, now computer engineers have been introduced to a lot of pc temperature programs through us may check and balance our pc temperature.

2. Driver Corruption or Errors

Hardware failure may have you unwelcomed errors. When you realize that your games freezing on pc without being your pc overheat, and then make sure any of your hardware is not working now. Playing games with unknown errors is nothing but just frustration.

Pc Freezes When Gaming

Have you any idea that software has pieces that known drivers. These pieces allow one hardware device to communicate with another. They manage the whole operating system of the computer. A computer is just like a dummy without drivers, and constant usage of drivers can make a computer fail.

Old drivers would not be sufficient for playing new games on your computer, and you may have unknown errors. However, it would be better to upgrade drivers with an upcoming version.

3. Third-party errors

Unfortunately, the most common cause of pc freezes is third-party software errors. Through these errors, often applications behave badly, and their functionality went totally opposite to the computer’s management.

When a computer system does not recognize something veracious, then it totally freezes. For prevention, I must suggest you install third-party software and do regular up-gradation of these.

4. Pc Viruses

I know viruses are not good for human health and also for PC health. Sudden or slow, whenever they attack, they can freeze our pc while gaming. As pc can freeze for many reasons but, after that let me tell you a few possible symptoms of pc freezing by viruses:

  • Having inaccessibility in disk devices
  • Dead response for any app
  • Lazy functioning
  • Slower starting
  • Badly hanging or freezing
  • Crashing files
  • Missing documents
  • Having extra files in folders
  • Useless printer problems
  • Infrequent error messages
  • Highly popups numbering

For this type of freezing issue, please keep updating your anti-virus software. Recently different type’s anti-virus software was designed with different sizes and forums. Try to buy premium anti-virus software for your pc and forget games keep freezing.

What can I do to fix games that freeze pc?

Pc Freezes When Gaming

After trying many more solutions, you are still not having any satisfactory. If yes, then please consult any of your near computer professionals. I’m sure he will reach the bottom of your pc freezing problem while gaming.

Mainly diagnosing unknown freezing issues is not easy, but professionals can do that’ even it may take some time.

After all, in this article, I have tried to share some common causes of pc freezes when gaming, and their preventions. I hope you will get proper help on these topics.


After applying all the above-mentioned suggestions, if still, your pc is freezing, then please change your pc and have some fun while gaming.

Ahnaf Nihin is a senior content writer at Gametechia. He's having 10 years of experience in Technology and troubleshooting topics. Coming from a background in engineering, you will often see his writing stuff related to How To's, Android, and iOS.