PC Shuts Down When Gaming

“pc shuts down when gaming” article is going to be beneficial for you if you are facing similar problems.

Let me clarify before starting this article; that this entire document is related to turning off and remaining off a pc after long use.

You will not have your solution in this content if your pc is restarting again and again.

Why Pc shuts down when gaming:

Playing heavy games on an ordinary computer could be risky, so; I must suggest you play heavy games on a gaming computer; otherwise, your “computer will shut down while gaming”.

Well, before getting you bored, let me give you an idea about “pc shuts down while gaming.” If you are really interested then look bellow!

Heating problem:

In this modern age, the majority of computers are assembled to turn off automatically in case of overheat in inner parts.

Every so often heat concerned problems happen when a computer works really hard or when you play a heavy graphics game on it.


Pc shuts down when gaming, pc shuts down, pc gaming


Let’s start verifying the power supply fan, which is available at the back of the computer.

Please examine the power supply fan first that is it working properly or not? because a computer may get overheat due to the lack of functioning of the supply fan.

Additionally, you have to open your computer case for inspecting extra fans. Let the case open first and then start examines all internal parts also, including; video cards, processors, case fans, etc. These all parts are sound-producing.

Abstract extra sounds; if you hear high squealing sounds from the computer then make sure your computer fans are performing malfunctions.


Pc shuts down when gaming, pc shuts down, pc gaming


Further check properly, if your power supply fan is not working at all and your power supply is being too hot to touch then yes, it’s time to change your power supply.

Overheating in the power supply is mainly caused by malfunctioning of the fan; even it may keep your computer shut down unexpectedly.

In that case, professionals recommend an immediate change of power supply; otherwise, your “pc shuts off when gaming.”


If someone is having that same issue on the laptop, then the outer case opening suggestion is not for him.

As an alternative option, please check the side fan of the laptop that (is it working properly or not.) Laptop fans always blow hot air while working.

Personally, I would like to suggest a cooler pad for helping out (to maintain your laptop’s temperature all the way.)

Hardware problems for computer turn off while playing games:

At the start of this topic, let me give you a useful tip regarding hardware; that tries to examine your hardwires under professionals. This way, surely, you will not get any harm.


Pc shuts down when gaming, pc shuts down, pc gaming


A failure of any hardware may cause “computer shutting down while gaming.” Look, please, if you have inserted new hardware in your computer recently then, remove it slightly to make sure is this hardware fine.

On the other side, if you have not inserted any new part in your computer, then the next option will methodically remove the extra hardware of your computer.

Just like, take away your modem, sound card, network card, and other extra hardware, which are not necessary to run your computer.

Undoubtedly removing these all things from your computer will help you to find out the authentic issues for your computer’s shutting down randomly.

Once you catch the issue, then you may sort it from any other hardware shop.

Virus’s problem for pc shuts down when playing games:

Generally, viruses and malware are a few other basic causes for pc shutting downs at certain times. Look, if your pc is frequently shutting off while playing games (with an unknown error) then confirmed Virus-infected your pc.

Don’t worry if you pc is really infected by Virus; just download and install a free scanner. Well, If you have previously downloaded a scanner then, please confirm is it up to date or not, for the full scan?



Useful tips regarding Pc shuts down when gaming:

  1. While opening your computer case take a tissue or cloth to clean it; otherwise, you may use a hairdryer for dusting also. Undoubtedly dust, hairs, dirt, and other pity things could be a serious cause for overheating.


  1. When you open your computer case, then examine your processor heat sink that is properly fitted or not. The proper sinking of your processor will give you the right amount of thermal compound.

Remember, if you are going to eliminate processor heat sink then, its previous thermal compound must be cleaned off for new ones.


If you are looking for an authentic cause for your pc shutting down’s, then I must say there could be a lot of causes.

A few of them I have briefed above including; overheating issues, hardware problems, viruses, and malware issues.

In this content, every cause is described well, though you may get a good suggestion for your “Pc shuts down when gaming.“

Please don’t forget about some useful tips that I have suggested here!

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