Phone App Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix?

Do you know what the most used app on iPhone is?

Well. Many of my readers will wonder about it. In fact, they may not consider the Phone app of their iPhone. Yes. It is a phone app. It is a widely used app on an iPhone.

But at times, the app may not work right. So, it is imperative to know if Phone App Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix?

This post will explain the process in detail. Keep scrolling through the post and hopefully, you will get some interesting aspects. So, let’s explore the post.

What is a phone app on iPhone?

The phone app is the space from where you make phone calls, your contacts are stored or you dial any number. It allows the users to make and receive phone calls, save contact numbers and other details, and more.

Hence, this is the most important app for an iPhone.

Phone App Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix?

The phone app may crash for no reason. It may freeze or stop functioning. You may not be able to browse your contacts or dial any number. There are many such issues. All these happen for not specific causes.

But not to worry. Here are the fixes. Check them out.

Restart The App

If you ever witness the problem of crashing, you need to close the app. And launch it again. Probably, it will solve the issue. Remember, this is the basic trick to solve the problem.

Make sure, you close the app properly. Check the background. You need to double-press your home button. Or, you have to swipe the screen from the bottom to check the background apps. If the phone app is visible there, slide it for complete closure.

Now, re-launch the app. Check if you are comfortable with the app.

Restart Your Device

The second thing you can do is restart your device. If there is any bug, restarting will fix that issue instantly. So, you can try the restart method.

Follow the standard procedure to restart your phone. Some of the iPhones need to press the home button and the volume up or down button together. When you see the Apple logo, you need to release the buttons.

For the iPhone models above 7, you have to press the volume up/ down and the power off button. It will restart the phone.

For iPhone X, XR, or above, you have to press the volume up, down, and slide buttons, separately. The phone will restart.

Update Your Device

Besides, you need to update your iPhone regularly. At times, bugs infect the device when you update any beta version. But when you get the complete version, the problem will be solved. Apple releases the bug fixes with the latest updates.

So, go to your phone’s Settings option. From there, go to the General section and then the Software Update.

If you need an update, the device will show the update availability. But if you are using the latest version, it will show that the software is updated.


If the aforesaid methods fail, you need to try some alternatives.

Check the Airplane Mode

You need to check the airplane mode of your phone. If the mode is switched on, you may not make any phone calls. So, if it is turned on, turn it off.

Check if Using the Right App

Besides, you need to be careful while using the phone app on your iPhone. The fact is that most other communication apps also look the same. The phone app is Green in color. Other apps like WhatsApp also have the same color. Therefore, you need to check if you are using the right app for the right purposes.

Otherwise, you may not make the communication happen. And initially, it may appear you are unable to use the phone app.

What about the SIM card?

Often, the sim cards may also cause trouble. At times, the SIM card may crash. And so, you are unable to make the phone calls. The blame goes to the phone app.

Hence, it would be better if you check the sim card – if it is fully functional.

Last Words

You are in the last part of Phone App Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix? Probably, you have the best ideas to overcome the matter.

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