Pokemon – Best Ultimate Trading Card Game

First Edition of the famous ‘Pokemon’ series got sold for $107,010. Now, that seems cool, right?! I’m thinking, it’s time to get into the cellar and pull those dusty card boxes out. It’s showtime!

More than 20 years have passed since the release of this game and these little pocket monsters still appear to take the gaming world by storm.

If you are new to this trading card game, we’d suggest you start by buying a booster box because it literally gets you the ‘boost’ needed for you to pave your way into the game.

Become rare – look into the Booster boxes:

So, how many packs are in a Pokemon booster box? A basic booster box has a set of 36 packs. Each of these packs consists of 10 cards.

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule (you’d think, aren’t there always?). A few sets like the Masters series can be seen in the Pokemon world whose booster box consists of a set of 24 packs.

Anyways, enough of the pack’s story – Let’s see what a typical pack has a miscellany of:

  • 6 common cards,
  • 3 uncommon cards
  • A rare (or an ultra-rare) card.

The probability of getting a rare card is fairly low. You really need to pull some strings to get them.

So, to own cards like Umbreon or the First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizad, you need to invest in a number of card packs.

Of course, we have a better solution for this – Invest in a few booster boxes instead.

Pokémon players are limitless – like the monsters they own! So, once you get into the Pokémon game, you are most likely to try expanding your skillset.

Players proceed by delving into an even heavier logic card game – Magic: The Gathering. Since we are talking about booster boxes, it’s only fair that we indulge this game in our article as well!

How many booster packs are there in a booster box? Similar to a Pokémon booster box, the MTG Booster box contains a set of 36 packs (12×3). The number of cards per pack is different. A single booster pack consists of 15 cards in total.

The cards can further be broken down into the following categories:

  • 11 Common cards
  • 3 Uncommon cards
  • 1 rare OR mythic card

It’s important to note that every ‘Magic’ has a distinctive Booster card set. It is identified by the dedicated artwork and the respective name set.

Now that we understand how many packs a booster box has, let’s talk a bit about the Pokémon TCG booster boxes.

Pokemon TCG booster boxes – Feel the boost:

Players usually go for booster boxes to strengthen their ‘Theme decks’, create new decks or even try customizing the older ones. We have already talked about their levels of rarity.

Rarity tells us, how easily one can get a card. The common ones are easier to own. The real trouble-makers are the rare ones.

Especially the ones under the ‘Super Rare’ category are the tough ones. But, if you are able to get your hands on a ‘Pokemon-ex’ or ‘Pokemon Star’, keep them safe. They are worth a lot!!

A good thing about these TCG booster boxes is that they promise an ultra-rare card. You can use this card in competitive gameplay.

Booster packs, on the other hand, give no such guarantee. So, you might need to buy a bunch of the packs to end up with an ultra-rare card. Pokemon TCG Booster boxes might cost you a bit. We believe that they are still worth the money!

Pokemon hold items – The Gems:

Gems are the ‘hold items’ in Pokémon. They were first introduced in Generation V of the game. There are 18 gems in total.

These gems are used for different purposes in-game. But, they disappear after a single usage. So, use them wisely!

You can make gems depending upon the cards you own. The rarity of the cards does not affect the gems that are made though.

Once you create gems, you may earn a level-1 gem maker badge. You can increase the level of your badge by bidding on an Auction and winning an auction.

Apart from using these Gems, you can even sell them. These gems are sold individually or in bags. Generally, the game guidelines suggest that if you own 1k+ gems, you can pack your gems in a sack and sell them.

Pokemon gives you the option of buying a gem booster box. They are a type of ‘loot box’ which you can get to upgrade your gems.

Some of the common Gems like the ‘Air Gem Dust’ or the ‘Fire Gem Dust’ are easier to upgrade. On the other hand, the ‘rare gems’, specifically the ‘Very Rare’ ones like the ‘Ninth Life’ are harder to upgrade.

Some talk about the CSGO Foil Badge:

When talking about badges, I think we should include the ‘CSGO foil badges’. Apart from the regular game badges, you can get ‘Foil badges’ as well.

They usually have a single level and provide a 100 Steam XP which is similar to a normal badge. They provide no extra advantage except for being rare. Any badge that you own helps upgrade your Steam level.

In the End:

The aim of this article was to help explain to you, how many packs are in a pokemon booster box.

Whether you wish to invest in a booster box or a booster pack is dependent on what you want to do. If you are getting your kid in on the game, surprising them with a booster pack is fine.

On the other hand, if you wish to delve into the game and begin playing some strategy, a booster box is your go-to solution.

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