How to Preview Link Before Clicking on iPhone and Mac?

It’s the age of technology. Everything has become digitalized. So, we are in an era of links and websites.

But do you have idea how links work, or, if there are any troubles after clicking the links?

The questions are vivid. And the answers are blowing in the wind as well. In fact, you must remain careful while clicking a link. Otherwise, you might be a victim of identity theft, digital burglary and many more.

Thereby, experts recommend to check the links before you click.

How to Preview Link Before Clicking on iPhone and Mac?


However, do you know How to Preview Link Before Clicking on iPhone and Mac? If the answer is negative, you can check this post. Here, you will get some comprehensive ideas about the matter.

Let’s check the process.

For Mac

Previewing links on Mac computers is not a big deal. Usually, you can use several internet browsers on Mac including Firefox, Google Chrome, among others. Also, you can use Safari browser.

The other browsers may show the links but this is not visible while using Safari. So, you need to follow the steps below to manually enable the function.

Launch Safari browser. This is the first step you need to follow. And then go to the Settings of the browser. Now, select the View tab of the browser.

Next, click on Show Status Bar from the drop-down menu option.

From now onwards, the entire URL of any link will be previewed. Keep the mouse over the link, and you can see the entire link.

Not to worry, if you want to disable it, you can do it following the similar steps. Reversing the steps will disable it.

Tap and Hold on the Link that you want to preview on iPhone and you will immediately find the page loading in a New Pop-up window.

For iPhone

Previewing link on iPhone or other Apple devices like iPad is easier. In fact, it takes less than a minute to preview the links.

Tap and hold the link you want to preview. It will appear on a new window. If you think the link is safe, you can continue browsing it. Or you may skip it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why it is necessary to check links before opening?

Well. This is a smart question. In this age, online scams are too common phenomenon. They occur for the unawareness of the people. In most cases, people become victim of different crimes. And you know, they have not committed those. But they are to suffer.

On the other part, your identity will be under risks. Anyone can hack your identity and victimize you. The issues may lead you to the court.

For all such reasons, you need to check the links before you click them. If the links appear suspicious, skip them.

How to Preview Link Before Clicking on iPhone and Mac?

This entire post is about the link preview on iPhone and Mac computers. So, you will get ample ideas from here. Please, check the post now.

Will hovering on the link open it?

While using iPhone, you will get several advantages. Hovering on the link is a smart option. But you need no worries. Hovering will not open it. Instead, it will wait for the second command. Unless you are commanding to open it, the link will not be opened.

Can I use other browsers on my iPhone?

Of course, you can use several browsers on an iPhone. Usually, Safari is a default browser. And this is fine for the internet browsing. However, you can download the other browsers from the App Store.

Last words

Hope you enjoyed the post on How to Preview Link Before Clicking on iPhone and Mac. So, follow them before you open any link.

If you have any more queries, feel free to ask. Our experts will get you back as fast as they can.

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